Haven character analysis report of Ruth Gruber

Introduction The book “Haven: The Dramatic Story Of 1,000 World War II Refugees And How They Came To America,” tells the story of a photojournalist who assisted refugees from different countries to reach Oswego, New York from Italy in the year 1944. The photojournalist, Ruth Gruber had been chosen by Harold Ickes the Secretary of […]

American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us

American Grace: how religion divides and unites us is a book written by Robert D. Putnam, a Harvard professor of sociology and public policy, and David E. Campbell, a political science professor at Notre Dame. The book was published on 21st February 2012 by Simon & Schuster Publisher. The authors explained the uniqueness of America […]

Book Review: Rule for the World by Barnet and Finnemore

From the first chapter of the book, the authors explore how the world politics have been bureaucratized through the establishment of international organizations. To a large extent, the authors are quite categorical that international organizations have indeed evolved and become highly bureaucratic in the sense that they have the power to exercise their ideals over […]

Emotional Intelligence

What is intelligence? In all cultures, intelligence refers to the ability to use one’s knowledge to adjust to new surroundings, resolve issues, and discover from experiences. This also entails an individual’s ability to reason and understand abstract concepts. Definitions of intelligence are many and varied because they originate from different scholars. The most important aspect […]

How to Be Happier

In the article “How to Be Happier,” the author identifies ten steps that are necessary for improvement of mood and satisfaction in life. They include understanding meaning of happiness, managing time, making connections between work and leisure, getting adequate sleep, exercising, developing close relationships, helping the needy, being grateful, and nurturing one’s spirituality. These steps […]