Silent Spring Book Review

Introduction Silent Spring is a 1962 book that highlighted the environmental and health impacts of pesticides. Particularly, the book highlighted the environmental destruction caused by the pesticide, DDT (Carson 21). Some of the public uproar against the use of DDT that occurred in the 1950s and 1960s stemmed from the book. The book also drew […]

Descartes Goes to Hollywood Book Review

Samantha Holland’s article addresses the ‘cyborg’ element in modern contemporary films and the philosophy surrounding cyborgs. Holland’s article focuses on Rene Descartes’ philosophy when analyzing the use of ‘half human-half machine’ characters in films. Samantha Holland addresses various angles of the mind-body philosophy in this article including personal identity, dualism of beings, gender, and technology. […]

The Power of the Internet in China: Citizen Activism Online Book Review

Introduction This book is about the power of online activism. The author reveals how it is hard to contain a society that is not satisfied with the status quo. With well elaborated illustrations, the book reveals how a society fights against corruption in government, abuse of employee rights and social inequalities among other hot button […]

The Qin and Han Dynasties through the Lens of Sima Qian: A Look at the History of China Book Review

Introduction: The Legacy of Sima Qian In his two-volume work of Shiji, “Records of the Grand Historian,” Sima Qian offers his perspective on the events that took place in China as the latter was ruled by the Han and Qin dynasties. Embracing the entire range of political and historical events in China on the given […]

Book Review on Managing Organizational Change by Graetz, F., Rimmer, M., Lawrence, A. and Smith, A. Book Review

The relationship between strategic planning and strategic thinking in relation to the management of change Strategic planning involves analysis, establishment, and formalization of procedures and systems. Strategic thinking synthesizes and encourages creativity and intuition across all organizational levels. It aims at innovating and imagining a better future that may cause an organization to redefine its […]