Management Information System

Overview A Mobile Robotic Project was created to improve operational efficiency in hospitals, The Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC) has successful developed the ATS (Automated Transport System) to help hospitals in their activities. The Automated Transport System includes robotic “vehicle” to move meals, linens, medical supplies and trash throughout the 1,000 bed healthcare facility. […]

The Effects of Media on Teenagers

Media has played a central part in the liberalization of communication across the global village. Through the media, exchange of information has not only become easier, but also efficient. By a click of a button, an interested party may be in a position to pass important information to as many recipients as possible. As the […]

Federal Government Funding Enron: Exploring Challenges

Government should have supported Enron, a large energy corporation, because the company advocated strict global regulations and followed the environmental principle of energy distribution (Carney, 2006). In addition, Enron have significant influence on the government in Washington, which is the second reason why the government should have supported this company. In particular, by providing financial […]

Ethical Implications of Businesses in Third World Economies

Introduction The global industrialization issue is increasingly becoming an internationally contested issue with developed economies possessing great economic power over developing nations. As international business competition intensifies across all economies, the pressure in developed economies seems rigorous with investors opting to venture in the developing countries (Cate, 2009). Small, Medium, and Multinational Corporations have found […]

Environmental sustainability

Introduction Among the most recent trends that have taken root in the hotel industry is the sustaining of the environment under which an institution operates. This strategy is not only good for environmental enthusiasts, but also for improving the margins of profitability for the institution. It can be achieved for instance through different ways such as a reduction in the amounts of water and electricity that is consumed.  […]

Case study “Columbia Industries, Inc.” by john zerio

In a quest for the leadership of the Columbia Industries, Inc., to address the safety and performance problems with the Hyster lift trucks formally presented by the head mechanic, a number of options were explored. Crucial in the specifications to address the problems included maneuverability, safety, maintenance costs, and mast extensions that could reach 260 […]