Aqualisa Company Target Market

What target market(s) would you recommend for Aqualisa and why? The most convenient markets that the company could target include direct consumers, the Do-It Yourselfers and the plumbers. Direct consumers comprise of an enormous potential market that is currently controlled by Triton Company, despite the fact that Aqualisa’s products are more superior and modernized. This […]

Cascading Style Sheet Design

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) has been significant in styling Web text. However, CSS is now crucial in “positioning and styling content at all levels related to local, global, or in-line” (Eccher, 2011). Effective application of the CSS design can ensure that a single CSS document can control all styles of the entire Web site. CSS […]

Maybelline Company Analysis

Strengths key to Maybelline’s past successes Many factors contributed to Maybelline’s past successes; among these factors was the acquisition of the company by L’Oreal and the subsequent entry into the international market. This gave Maybelline a global brand, therefore, increasing its sales through entering new markets. Maybelline was able to gain a competitive advantage over […]

Project Collaboration Portal

Challenges and Opportunities On the background information about the problem, the JVIE was first employed in managing complex projects to solve imminent challenges, which are associated with their implementation and exploit the available opportunities. The early purpose of JVIE was to solve the challenges associated with the project and utilize the opportunities, which it brought. […]

Organization Control System Assessment

The company needs to have a new management control system, developed and implemented. The organization does not have clear work policies. The employment manual is incomplete and ineffective. Most employees do not know their exact duties and responsibilities. Lei noted discrepancies in the time clocking sheet of one customer associate. The associate was fraudulently paid. […]

Service Corporation International

History, Development and Growth of the company Service Corporation International began its operations in 1962. Robert L. Waltrip formed the corporation. At first, it began its operation in Houston (USA). It was set up to offer funeral services, crematoria and cemetery facilities. Service Corporation International has expanded from Houston to North America. It offers funeral […]

Leading in Project Management & Operation

Although the hiring process involves mutual decision making between the organization and the job candidate, available literature demonstrates that hiring the best person from among many good candidates is often a challenging task for many leaders (Lin & Kleiner 108). However, as suggested by these authors, several devices, models and approaches have been developed over […]

The Big Data Challenges

Cloud computing involves collecting data from multiple sources to a centralized location. This data is used by data mining tools to try and get critical analytical information on organization performance. The first move that Volvo took towards making a cloud infrastructure was purchasing a 2-node Teradata warehouse in 2007. Data about each vehicle on its […]

Google Docs Challenges and Opportunities

Problem Statement Most businesses depend on technology in their everyday tasks. From email and phone sessions to websites, there is almost not a single activity which does not involve technology. These technologies, which are now taken for granted, have bridged some great holes in business communication. As businesses grow geographically and internally, there is a […]

Apple Inc Strategy

Core Issues Facing Apple Despite Apple Inc. recording spectacular growth and profitability in recent years, the company still faces a number of challenges. Some of these challenges include increased competition, maintaining its position in the market, dynamic technology, and the challenge of resource allocation between the traditional products and the emerging products such as iPods, […]

Agilent Technologies Company Activities

Introduction of the organization Agilent Technologies is among the pioneer companies that offer a wide range of measurement solutions to engineers, service providers, researchers and scientists. Scientists use the company’s products to test the safety of foodstuffs. Investigators use them in their inspection of crime-scene evidence. Researchers us them to study various diseases and come […]

Financial Statement Risk Analysis for Orrstown Financial Services

Introduction The purpose of this ex-post risk analysis is to determine the profitability, earnings and future financial ratios for Orrston Finacial services. It addresses threats, vulnerability and place mitigating factors in place to shield against bankruptcy and future lawsuit by customer, competitors and the government. The report outlines the actual stability and paints a factual […]

Leadership in a Multicultural Arab Organisation

The article under analysis called Leadership in a Multicultural Arab Organisation considers the role of leadership styles, as well as supervisor-subordinate relationships, in increasing organizational performance and culture (Butler 139). The author provides an overview of connections between efficient decision-making and its influence on productivity levels in a company. The article starts with identifying leadership […]

Selina Lo’s Сonflict Management in Ruckus Wireless Company

Introduction Conflict is a process in which “one party perceives that another party opposes its interests resulting into negative effects” (Kreitner and Kinicki 2009). In this case, the language of conflict affects perception about conflict. Selina Lo starts with the metaphor and language of war in managing other employees. However, the authors challenge us to […]

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, simply known as e-marketing, refers to the act of selling or promoting services or products over the internet. As it would be observed, this is an upcoming trend of marketing products and services, which has promised to bring great changes to the modern business arena. Internet marketing indeed is a broad process that […]

Why Do Acquisitions Fail?

Introduction The modern business environment is increasingly competitive. New technologies in the market mean that old technologies are growing obsolete far much faster. New start up companies are emerging which replicate the successes of established firms at a much lower overheads. Layoffs and cost cutting initiatives are increasing being countered by lawsuits and industrial strikes. […]

Waste Management Plan – Archivision

Site Description Architecture firm Archivision has occupied a small office building, strategically located on a main road that builds up traffic even during office hours. Being on a strategic position in an industrial area makes the building attractive to other office occupants, but the building management, along with its poor waste management, has made occupying […]

How to Improve Sales at BPC Software

BPC’s Problem BPC ventured into the business of providing payroll services to small and medium-sized enterprises. After four years, the business had prospered with an annual return of about $40million. This outcome prompted the business to expand its sales.  The expectation was that the founder would collect over $30million from shareholders after the expansion. However, […]

Chiquita Company

Introduction The case of Chiquita Brands International illustrates the ethical violations that can be committed by companies operating in developing countries. In many instances, these organizations do not follow any norms of the corporate social responsibility. Nevertheless, the failure to comply with these principles can significantly tarnish the reputation of these businesses. Moreover, it can […]

Enterprise Management System

Introduction Despite the view that companies established in a particular industry might specialize in the production of identical products, their operations differ significantly. Uzekici affirms that the operational differences arise from the adoption of inimitable business strategies, policies, and principles (519). The reason for such variations is to attain a high competitive edge. One of […]

Drug Abuse Among the Youth

Theoretical analysis Case Selection Drug addiction is a critical topic of discussion in the prevailing society where young people under peer pressure are being subjected to their abuse. Most people who experience health problems that restrict them to enjoy life not only harbor depression, but also fail to attain the freedom of choosing the path […]

Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Presenting Problems in Psychological Perspectives Psychodynamic Approach People have different personalities, and it is impossible to force them all to behave in similar ways. However, it is important to ensure that their behaviors promote positive personality development and enable them to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health. They may face similar challenges, and even though […]

No-Goat Smelling X5

Situational analysis SWOT analysis is the most viable tool for analyzing the situation and developing a marketing plan. Strengths The company has a strong financial position and an active research and development department. The strengths of the proposed deodorant include being the first in the market. There is good scope for scalability of the product […]

International Marketing Strategy of Fortescue Metal Group

Executive Summary The external and internal environment of Fortescue Metal Group has been analyzed in this report. The external environment presents several threats, which include high competition, tariff barriers to foreign market entry, high bargaining power of buyers of iron, and high suppliers’ bargaining power. The main opportunity that is available to FMG is the […]

Structural Family Therapy

Model Description Among the existing variety of therapies for a family, it is hard to define the most appropriate or the less effective because every family is unique, and its members face different problems and misunderstandings. In the current paper, one of the family therapy models, the structural family therapy by Salvador Minuchin, will be […]

The Rose Company: Decentralization Strategy

Introduction In a decentralized management structure, a company’s senior management delegates certain decision-making functions to the lower administrative units (Hill, Martin & Harris, 2000). A decentralized type of organizational structure gives a plant or a line manager authority to decide (unilaterally) on plant-specific issues and implement necessary changes in the subsidiary without seeking approval from […]

BlackBerry Ltd

Synopsis of the Situation The BlackBerry Ltd, formerly known as research in motion, has not been doing well in recent past compared to its competitors. This has been as a result of inappropriate steps taken in the marketing and branding department. This paper, therefore, analyzes the situation of BlackBerry Ltd in an attempt to identifying […]

Emergency Planning and Disaster Management

Department Fire departments are usually front line workers in a disaster situation. Therefore, during a disaster, the general public depends a lot on fire department for assistance. However, provision of rescue services complexes under calamities like earth quakes, hurricanes and floods. Therefore, this necessitates increased staffing to meet the threshold of effective response. Under calamities […]

Emergency Planning and Methodology

Handling Suspected Terrorism The roles of local law enforcement agents in cases of terror attacks involve notifying the relevant authorities to carry out investigations on the attack scenes, controlling crowds, and securing the areas under threat. They maintain communication with the citizens to reassure and inform them about the progress of the investigation and security. […]

CookSafe Food Safety Management Audit

Introduction to HACCP Principles and CookSafe Food Safety Management System HACCP Principles Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is defined as a system concerned with food safety management (Eves & Dervisi 2005). According to Riswadkar (2000), the system’s major focus is identification and prevention of hazards likely to cause food borne illnesses (FBI). HACCP is […]

Amazon Shares Surge After Surprise Profit represents service innovation. Service innovation helps corporates provide new or different kinds of services to consumers with the aid of new or improved technology. The innovation adopted by is closely bound by technological change. The company has concentrated on utilizing the Internet boom to capture a market that was still untapped. Thus, the […]

People and Leadership

Abstract During the development of youth employment programs as a pilot project, the Department of Employment faced an issue associated with the ineffective leadership. The project failed because of problems with the work of the team. Several employees quitted participating in the project development after six weeks because of the overwork and exhaustion. The analysis […]