OD Application: Harley-Davidson’s Plant Run by Work Teams

Harley-Davidson is the company with the prolonged history which started in 1903. The history of the company’s development is characterized by the periods of successes and failures because of the company’s orientation to producing high-quality expensive motorcycles interesting for the narrow audience (Brown, 2010, p. 295; Harley-Davidson, 1999). During a long period of time, the […]

Leadership and motivation case study

Introduction Leadership and motivation assess human acts which people utilize when interacting with others. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the leadership theories such as transformational and participatory leadership theories. Besides, the treatise reviews motivational theories such as the incentive and the arousal theories. These theories are related to leadership and motivation issues […]

India, Known for Outsourcing, Expands in Industry

Introduction The India’s economic liberalization policies have created a competitive economic environment for growth and trade over the years. Basically, the India’s economic growth has been possible as a result of the expansionary policies geared towards sustainable trade in a friendly market. This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the importance of international economics, the […]

When Someone’s Right-vs.-Wrong Decision Puts the Observer into a Right-vs.-Right Dilemma

Introduction Ethical problems are, perhaps, the most complicated of all those existing, since different ethical theories allow to consider ethical issues from various standpoints and, therefore, presupposes that the choice of the solutions is extremely ample. As a result, numerous ethical dilemmas, which demand immediate solution, emerge. Despite the fact that in the case study […]

Sony and Ericsson

Introduction Organizations develop mechanisms of enhancing their competitive advantage through various ways. One of such ways is to form mergers and joint ventures in the effort to gain economies of scale. A good example of such an effort is provided by Ericsson, a Swedish phone maker, and Sony Corporation, which is a Japanese phone maker, […]

Business creation

In this case study, the primary stakeholders include the television company, its employees and clients who constitute both small and big businesses. One of the relevant facts to the case study is that any business is established with an overall objective of making and increasing the profit margins. It is the increase in profits which […]