Simulation in Production Planning and Scheduling

Executive Summary The use of optimization techniques for managerial decision-making is popular. Various tools have been developed to help fit few resources to production processes with the aim of maximizing profits and reducing wastage of resources. This paper looks into this aspect with a special interest in simulation. Simulation is a technique that tries to […]

6-year-old child’s biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial development

Introduction Some of the most interesting aspects of child development are the biosocial, cognitive and psychological development.Reading these aspects can be interesting, especially if you have a child who is still developing. In order to understand these aspects fully, scientists have come up with numerous theories to explain the development stages right from birth to […]

New Ordering System for Girl Scout Cookies

Before the implementation of a new ordering system, Girl Scout Cookies faced several challenges. In particular, they had to cope with an excessive amount of paperwork (Laudon & Laudon, 2007). For example, the employees had to mark their sales on individual order cards that were later transferred to the troop leaders. In turn, these cards […]

SWOT Analysis: A Case Study of David Christopher, an Orthopaedic Surgeon

Synopsis In every field of study or business, there exist the external and internal factors that you can either have control over them or not. In this case, one can have a problem-oriented approach to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats in the life of David Christopher according to the book OM, third […]

A Report on Customer driven marketing strategy for Easy-pay mobile banking service

Introduction Triple play limited is a communication company that specializes in providing voice communication and data communication services. Due to the emergence and advancement of technology, it has become a mandatory for any company to embrace technology so as to match the evolving industry needs. A recent market research done by Triple play limited in […]

Hot Topic incorporated: Employees with Passion

Introduction Hot Topic Incorporated is in California, in the City of Industry. The retailer mainly deals with licensing products. These include clothes, t- shirts as well as accessories. There is a focus on contemporary music trends. Hot Topic as a Successful Retailer Hot Topic Incorporated is extremely successful as a retailer. The company possesses two […]