Dismissal Meeting

Develop a fictitious company and write a brief description about the company Guild-ford is a company that specializes in processing and packaging yoghurt, cheese, and fresh milk. The company has its headquarters in California valley, United States. Guild-ford’s main competitor is the pacific gold producers. Guild-ford has 56 employees. They are all driven by their […]

Business Ethics

Moral considerations play a critical in determining the success of the organization in the modern organizational culture. The ethical codes determine the relationships between customers and the company in the sense that any organization willing to follow the established moral codes will increase its market share (Duska, 2007). In the case provided, Soybean Derivative Research […]

Following the Path of a Diversional Therapist: A Case Study

Introduction: South Eastern Sydney Local Health District NSW Health. South Eastern Sydney local health district. Retrieved from http://nswhealth.erecruit.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?id=145707 The chosen organization can be referred to as the St. George Hospital of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District. It is a state organization that provides healthcare services to the citizens of Sydney. As one might […]

Homeland security: Technology and technological issues

Introduction Homeland security technology forms one of the most effective methods of addressing terrorism and other types of human rights violation in the United States and the globe at large. It sets a clear platform for data access, analysis and prompt reaction needed to deter terror-related activities. The September 11 commission report brought out intelligence […]

The views of ethical behavior to the decision making processes of the Tom’s of Maine Company

Like many other businesses, Tom’s of Maine is facing ethical dilemmas in making decisions within the organization. Since the ethics intensity varies with the nature of situation, the management of Tom’s of Maine has been keen on the formulation of their products. For instance, when the company manufactured a deodorant that adhered to ecological requirements, […]

Marketing: Kripsy Kreme Company

Background Kripsy Kreme Company (KKD) currently with headquarters in North Carolina was established in 1937. The company specializes in production of baked products such as doughnuts and supplies various retail shops and groceries. There was great improvement in production processes when the company adopted mechanized and computerized system of making doughnuts. However, it was until […]