Case Study: Pepsi Company Case Study

Introduction Pepsi Company serves as one of world leader producers of food and non-alcoholic beverages. The company has got branches in North America such as Frito-Lay which deals with snacks and Pepsi Quaker Foods dealing with the sale of beverages. Generally the competition within the industry is intensive with major players being Pepsi, Coca-Cola and […]

IKEA International Business Case Study

IKEA’s product characteristics IKEA products are offered with stylish functional designs and high quality to influence on customer satisfaction (Gillespie, Jeannet & Hennessey, 2010). Quality for the firm means that the products are functional and safe to use. The quality is maintained at national standards through test laboratories established by the company. In these laboratories, […]

Marketing for Mephisto Products Ltd. Case Study

Synopsis The case study is about an electronic control device manufacturer that is recording low sales revenues and profits in recent times. The entrance of new competitors, technology and marketing strategies created this situation. Now the company is thinking about changing is strategic approach by marketing their products to their clients in a different way. […]

Methodologies and multicultural research in multicultural sensitivity Case Study

Multicultural competence in student affairs is an exclusive resource that guides professionals in the field of student affairs so that they are able to develop a model that incorporates all multicultural subjects. However, multiculturalism is a wide field therefore; gathering for all these issues is a challenging task to the education professionals. Programs and policies […]

A Case Study of Pluto Telecommunications Case Study

Pluto telecommunication is among the leading companies offering telecommunication services in Ireland, ranging from event production and conference management to marketing support and project management. In the recent times, the company has been on the brink of crumble due to internal wrangles in some of its departments including sales, marketing, and customer services departments that […]