Management Change

Sunderland’s Management and work style Sunderland’s management style is a combination of autocratic. From the case study, it is evident that coworkers consider Sunderland’s management style to be formal but effective. A formal management style is autocratic and employees are required to completely follow instructions issued by the top management to the letter. Sunderland is […]


Company overview Aflac Incorporated is a company that is based in the United States. Its operations are in the line of the insurance industry. The company is based in Columbus, Georgia. Aflac was founded in 1955 by three brothers: William Amos, Paul, and John. The name of the company was the American Family Life Insurance […]

Signs of Life in Euro Zone Could Point to Recovery

Introduction The article “Signs of Life in Euro Zone Could Point to Recovery” by Ewing and Minder (2013) focuses on the future of the European economy based on some current events. The economic conditions observed in Greek, Italy, Spain and other European nations over the last four years have indicated that the Euro Zone is […]

Ben & Jerry’s management orientation and view towards global expansion

The company applies regiocentric kind of management orientation where certain elements of other management orientations are incorporated. From the case to be analyzed, it is evident that most of the head office positions are managed by employees from the parent country, which in this case is the United States. However, Ben & Jerry’s top management […]

Emergency Management at the Millennium

Introduction Information is an important resource because it facilitates informed decision-making. It is advisable for decision makers to seek for the necessary information prior to making any decision. The reason for this is to gather facts, analyze various dimensions of a situation, and make a sound decision. This work is a presentation of a case […]

Exchange Rate Regimes

A central bank can choose to fix exchange rates to control the value of a local currency against other currencies irrespective of the trajectories of the forces of demand and supply (Kenen, 2000). The relative merits of a fixed exchange rate regime are as follows. First, it removes the uncertainty associated with currency fluctuation. Changes […]