Trait Approach to Leadership Case Study

Leadership is the ability to socially relate and positively influence others in order to accomplish a specified task. Traits are said to be innate qualities and inborn characteristics which helps to define a person. Therefore, trait approach to leadership assumes that good leaders have common characteristics and innate qualities which are inborn and makes them […]

Path-Goal Theory Case Study

Introduction The three leaders in the case study operate under different work conditions, group norms and employee-types. Consequently, the effectiveness and ineffectiveness eminent in each of the shifts depends on the leader’s ability to merge his or her leadership style with these variables. Model description The model chosen for analysis is known as the Path-goal […]

Analysis of the Leader-Member Exchange Theory Case Study

Leader-member exchange (LMX) theory, just like other leadership theories, focuses on leadership from a leader’s perspective, such as the style and trait approaches, and from a point of view of the subject and the context. However, the LMX theory has taken a step further to explain leadership as an act that mainly focuses on the […]

The state’s foreign policy Case Study

Abstract Past research does not explain exactly what influences the pursuit of various foreign policies by states. Divergent views by researchers have tended to propose a variety of variables as influences in formulating foreign policies. This research was conducted to determine the role of various variables in influencing formulation of foreign policies. The researcher reviewed […]

Marketing Services: Case Study of MK Restaurant Case Study

Introduction There is fast growth in the service industry globally. The service industry is supportive of the manufacturing industry and other industries in global economics. However, the sector is also the most competitive globally because large profits are drawn from the sector, hence attracting many investors. One of the industries in the sector is the […]

Race Politics in America Case Study

Introduction Movements of racial equality demand for new political strategy; this strategy must appeal to the broad multiracial population of the United States of America, and it should address the various problems that afflict the minorities who are disadvantaged while redressing and addressing the historical legacy of racism in America. This has never been realized […]