Ethical Case Study Case Study

Robert is a disruptive student whose case raises several ethical concerns. The first one is that he does not follow school rules and regulations as a student. He is also disobedient and bullies other students in class. Teachers do not expect their students to behave in such a manner hence the behaviour portrayed by Robert […]

A Critical Discussion of Wal-Mart’s Superordinate Goals Case Study

This session focuses on illuminating Wal-Mart’s superordinate goals and how they fit with the dimensions of staff, skills, structure, strategy, style and systems. The session concludes by providing recommendations that could be employed to enhance organizational performance. Extant literature describes superordinate goals as “…the set of values or aspirations which underpin what a company stands […]

Strategic Implementation: Toyota Case Study

The effective implementation of the definite strategy is based on the effective strategic management where such factors as the organizational structure, control systems, and organizational culture are important. The management of any company realizes its new strategies with references to these factors, and the level and type of development of the corporate structure, culture, and […]

Dove Campaign Case Study

Introduction and overall evaluation It was reasonable for Dove to do campaign against photo-enhanced advertisements Beauty and cosmetic producers often use photo-enhanced advertisements for their products. Photo-enhanced images deceive vulnerable potential customers who end up purchasing those products, some of whom are of low quality and standards. Firms use photo-enhanced advertisements due to stiff competition […]

Apollo 13: Strategic Decision Making Case Study

Introduction The film, Apollo 13 reflects unique situations that require problem-solving and decision-making skills. It captures copious ways in which the astronauts are able to use basic concepts of decision making to achieve a common goal. Particularly, the movie depicts three astronauts whose journey to Moon is typical of unending challenges that prompt them to […]

Wells Fargo Company Case Study

Introduction Wells Fargo Company was established in 1852 in the city of San Francisco during gold rush era. Henry Wells and William Fargo came up with the idea of providing express money delivery services as means of exploiting gold rush venture. The company offers banking services and greatly secures its customer’s deposits, an achievement that […]