Build the management-research question hierarchy

The First step is management dilemma, which is the relation to the environmental stimuli. A manager is interested in the highest output from the business. The second one is elimination of negative symptoms; this is exclusion of conditions that might deteriorate the business. A manager must make sure that all employees are satisfied, so that […]

The Woody Manufacturing Company

Step 1: The most relevant facts The Woody Manufacturing Company produces bar stools. The demand for its products has recently increased and the owner Mr. Woody has to expand the organization. In particular, one should focus on the design of management structure, the allocation of duties to employees, or compensation system. The most important task […]

Analysis Chipotle Mexico Grill Company

Vision and Mission Chipotle Mexico Grill’s vision aims at serving high quality food that is prepared deliciously. The high quality food is obtained from classic cooking techniques, as well as sophisticated recipes. The company’s idea is to fulfill the promise of a full-service restaurant that values speed and convenience. The ambition of the restaurant is […]

Elie Saab: Growth of a Global Luxury Brand

What is Elie Saab’s core business? Describe its product in terms of the three levels of a product; core, actual and augmented product. The three product/service levels include the core, the actual, and the augment level. These levels are closely connected with one another. Elie Saab employs branding and designing to gain a competitive edge […]

ITC eChoupal Case

Stakeholders in ITC’s eChoupla project The eChoupal project stakeholders include the International Business Division (IBD), which is a division in ITC limited, farmers, processors, government and commission agents. IBD is a major shareholder in the project since the eChoupal was initialized by the division’s chief executive (Upton and Fuller 227). IBD is mandated with developing […]

Procurement Strategies for Companies when Encountering Natural Disasters

Introduction The concept of procurement directly relates to the process of acquiring goods or services whether (raw or manufactured) in a way that enables a company to meet the needs of its clientele in terms of the quality of the product and quantity it is needed in. Through the analysis of ( ), it can […]