The social performance of Hewlett Packard

Introduction Hewlett Packard Company is an Information Technology company which was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The firm has its corporate headquarters located at Palo Alto in USA. Over the years, the firm has been able to enhance its awareness globally. As a result, the firm has managed to be among […]

Nationalist ideologies

Nationalism is an ideology, which strives to create and sustain a nation based on commonalities of a given government, nation or territory. According to nationalism, the perpetuation of identity values, the self-determination of all subjects, the well-being, and the splendor of an individual’s nation are its principle values. The dominance of global politics and values […]

Historical Analysis based on Chinese movie called, The King of Mask 2000

The King of masks was released as the twentieth century came to an end. The twentieth century was a period marked by civilization and independence of people, attributed to the theory of rights. As a result, individuals were freed from the shackles of oppression, which were prevalent in historic times. The film’s scenes are a […]

Critical analysis of Cy Twomblys work

Introduction This paper is an exploration of the work of Cy Twombly. It is based on the critical evaluation of his work by different authors like Bataille, Krauss, Mallarme and others. There is much detailed focus on how his work was perceived by many and the reception that it enjoyed. The work of Twombly has […]

Reagan and the Arms Race

Ronald Reagan, the 40th president (1981-1989) of the United States of America, is `one of the highly recognized presidents especially for his policies. Reagan was a staunch advocate for control of money supply which would result to reduction in inflation and an increase in economic growth through tax reduction. During his two terms in the […]