It’s His Right, It’s Her Duty: Benevolent Sexism and the Justification of Traditional Sexual Roles-Journal Article Critique

Introduction In contemporary society, the word sexism is synonymous to prejudice that is directed towards women, and which, to a larger extent, is attended by hostility. In other words, sexism carries a negative connotation, especially in today’s world which is characterized by the rise of feminism. It is however noted that this notion of sexism […]

Criticism of “Our Faith in Science”

Every individual has a right to believe or not to believe. Faith is something subjective that related to all people independently. The authors of the article “Our faith in science” are Kirszner and Mandell who touch upon different issues, finally making an emphasis on ethics in science and application of ethical decision-making strategies to scientific […]

The Heart Asks Pleasure – First by Emily Dickinson

The Heart Asks Pleasure – First is one of the amazing poems written by Emily Dickinson. Many people believe that this poem is too short to have any meaning and believe it to be useless for deep consideration. However, I strongly disagree with this opinion as looking at the poem with a quick glance it […]

Psychology in the media: Extrasensory perception (ESP)

ESP is discussed in the book, ‘Introduction to Psychology’ by Rod Plotnik and Haig Kouyoumdjian. The concept explains the utilization of what is referred to as the sixth sense other than that of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. The concept is however controversial among psychologists since it cannot be quantified or demonstrated repetitively. ESP […]

Nursing Diagnosis

Sickle Cell Anemia is a disorder that normally increases blood thickness hence affects the smooth flow of blood. This is caused by the destruction of red cells where the normal shape of red cell becomes a stiff sickle shape. As a result, sufficient oxygen does not reach the vital organs. A vaso-occlusive crisis arises from […]

Cheating, Gender Roles, and the Nineteenth-Century Croquet Craze

Croquet has been described as cool game where the etiquette of playing the game with grace and good manners took precedence over winning, sociable play, or an overridden and unprincipled competition. It was a game that was ideal for children, old people and mixed groupings. Unselfishness, honesty and grace were requisite for a player to […]