Problem solving skills Training and the Workplace

Introduction Effective problem solving training offered at the workplace help employees to develop problem-solving techniques. When employees develop these skills, they will operate more actively and effectively. Techniques allow employees to identify and analyze problems in the working fraternity. It allows them to evaluate the impact and severity of unconventional solutions to the underlying problem […]

Letter by Lin Tse- Hsu

Introduction The letter by Lin Tse- hsu of China to Queen Victoria of Britain was written just before the Opium wars. This book, together with the works of other people, helps us a lot in understanding what happened. Many scholars have given their views regarding a letter to Queen Victoria of Britain by Lin Tse- […]

Mobile Commerce Technology

Introduction In the article “Mobile Commerce Technology” by Chung-wei Lee, Wen-Chen Hu and Jyh-haw Yeh, the authors set out to discuss the mobile commerce technology on business. Mobile commerce technology has emerged as a distinct and important entity influencing the traditional business environment significantly. This technology promises to revolutionalize the manner in which business is […]

Virtual Corporations

Article Summary The article “Virtual Corporations” elaborates on the concept of corporations that rely primarily on electronic means in order to coordinate operations, communicate instructions, implement manufacturing requests and enable a system that enables a company to operate beyond what its current resources are capable of doing. Before proceeding it is important to note that […]

Psychoanalytically Interpreting Genesis

Introduction Why did God have to create Adam and Eve only to throw them out of the Garden of Eden, their home? Where did hostility and death come from? Does it make sense for God to create life and death? These questions introduce an immense suspense between an individual’s capacities to define God and His […]