Rhetoric Analysis

The mention of the word ‘cult’ has been synonymous with evil and was assumed to only exist in primitive societies. However, this is quickly becoming a fallacy with increasing cult-like groups beginning to emerge in various strata of society worldwide. Tikva Frymer- Kensky, in the article, Moses and the Cults: The Question of Religious Leadership, […]

The Way of Duty: The Life of Women and Extraordinary Combination of Historic Evidence and Good Writing Style

Introduction Aim and scope The present paper is aimed at discussing and evaluating the book The Way of Duty written by Joy Day Buel and Richard Buel Jr. This book is really worth reading though it contains a great number of historical information and facts that can be considered boring for those people who are […]

Language Development in Early Childhood

Introduction Language development is considered as a key component in the social, psychological, and moral life of a growing child. Nevertheless, it does not usually occur throughout the life of a human being, but in the early stages of development, mainly termed as childhood stages. At the same time, language development is a sequential process […]

Philosophy vs. Religion

According to the American heritage (1), philosophy is the love of wisdom and a study that tries to identify the essential principles of various arts and sciences together with the environment in which the arts and sciences operate. Its is a broad concept with various branches each dealing with specific issues, for instance, epistemology which […]

Byzantine and Islamic civilizations

The Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire that had separated itself from the western part of Rome during the 8th century. The Empire was based on Greek mythologies that were oriented around Constantinople and the Byzantines were remembered for the preservation of Greek philosophy and art forms that would connect Europe […]

Genetic Diversity

Introduction The author tries to prove the importance of facial attractiveness on genetic diversity. He therefore carries out a background research to make predictions and then undertakes an empirical research to prove his hypothesis. The study applies two approaches in its investigations. The first approach that it applies to study the relationship between facial features […]