Analysis of Hills Like White Elephant and Sonny’s Blues: Plot, Setting, and Characters Critical Writing

The variety of literary works can easily teach the reader or make to change the reader’s mind and attitude to a situation. On the one hand, the works and their messages differ because of various authors, periods of time, and interests. On the other hand, the similarities between the works of absolutely different authors are […]

Artwork Analysis: Chagall’s, Duchamp’s, and Severini’s Works in Connection with Theoretical Ideas of Gabo, Marinetti, and Mondrian Critical Writing

The beginning of twentieth century was marked by revolutionary changes in social life: the discoveries made by the science and the achievements of the technical process transformed the course of life once and for all. The tendency for mechanization and, inter alia, employment of automobiles unprecedentedly speeded up the life pace. The general enthusiasm for […]

“The Future” by Leonard Cohen

Introduction The Future is a song that Cohen released in 1992; the album went by the same title. In this song, Cohen employs both consecrated and profane imagery to address the issue of apocalypse and the salvation thereafter. Cohen addresses apocalypse from both Judeo-Christian and Buddhist point of view as he mentions the Nirvana construct […]

Interstellar travel Critical Writing

Abstract The concept of interstellar trip is not easy, but attainable through adoption of appropriate technologies. This paper gives an overview of this possibility by discussing the main difficulties involved in such missions and a series of proposed and theoretical solutions that can be used to speed up the spaceship. It further discusses a number […]

Fiscal Policies by President Barrack Obama Critical Writing

Introduction Macroeconomics deals with analysis of major factors contributing to stability of an outward looking economy. These elements are referred to as economic variables and they include: consumption expenditure, investment expenditure, savings, exports and imports. These are the macroeconomic variables describing an economy operating at an equilibrium position. Any extraneous variable injected into the national […]

American History X Critical Writing

American History X film, directed by Tony Kaye, is not just a good masterpiece but also an important film. It cultural aspects and political attitudes come out clearly as Tony Kale explores American history. The story develops quite well. The story opens with Danny seated outside the principal’s office waiting to answer questions about a […]