Why Andrew Marvell’s poem “To his coy mistress” remains popular in the 21st Century

Andrew Marvell’s poem “To his coy mistress”dates back to the 17th Century but hit is still popular in the 21st Century. Most likely, the poem was written by Marvell even before he served as a minister in the government of Oliver Comwell.This paper seeks todiscuss significant reasons and premises behind the fact that the poem […]

The Greater Good

Natural Law and the concepts of democracy form the basis for human rights, but then there’s the question of limitations to a person’s human rights; one of these limitations is the so-called “greater good”. The argument on “greater good” asserts that the responsibility to humanity forfeits individual rights, that the success of that responsibility justifies […]

The conventional expectations of plays that David Ives disrupts in ‘Sure Thing’

‘Sure Thing’ is a comical play by David Ives that has two characters, Bill and Betty. The setting is in a café where Bill approaches Betty and initiates a conversation. The two characters have many dating problems. Bill tries many tactics in order to impress Betty, until he finally succeeds. The characters engage in a […]

Experiences that make a Soldier more Human

‘All quiet on the Western Front’ is Remarque’s recount of his experiences in World War 1. Unlike other war stories that glorify war and depict the soldiers as heroes, Remarque tells the story from a soldier’s point of view, highlighting the negativity of the war especially on the soldiers. Through out the war, the soldiers […]

An Essay Analysis on Student Credit Card Debts

One great vice of college students today is the accumulation of credit card debts. This problem has been given far less attention by college administrators because the latter are silent partners in the credit card business (Sylves, 506). It is common among universities and colleges to have multi-million dollar agreements with credit card providers such […]

Examining Issues of Gender in the Media

The commercial advertising lingerie by the Hope designer company sparked controversy when they showed an advertisement on TV. The advertisement featured Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen. In the advertisement, the supermodel is shown trying to break bad news to her husband. She tries breaking the news fully dressed then undresses down to her lingerie. The […]