The relationship between the European Union and the United States Critical Writing

Introduction The European Union is generally a group of European countries, and/or nations that work together in the quest of improving the lives of their respective citizens and build a better world1. Cooper describes the EU as not a federation like the United States or other federations in the world; neither is it a state […]

Policy Critique on Homogenous Classes Critical Writing

Introduction Background Information Picciotto (2011) bemoans the fact that math classes at the school where he teaches are not tracked. Picciotto (2011) is a math teacher at Urban School where the school administration has adopted the heterogeneous mode of grouping students. The teacher reports that the Urban School lacks an honours or a remedial tracking […]

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Critical Writing

Introduction Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) is a traumatic disorder that African Americans have developed following the traumatic experiences of slavery and associated treatments by the whites. Ideally, PTSS is a theory that elucidates the nature and occurrence of certain behaviors among African Americans that relate to slavery. The social problems that Africans Americans and […]