Can displacement of a few be justified for development benefitting many? Critical Writing

Introduction Development projects mainly include developers taking full charge of land that were in control of other groups previously. These development projects entail natural resource extraction, dam construction, renewing the urban centres, infrastructure projects like bridge, highway, and irrigation canals construction. Reviews of the available works indicate that displacement of persons due to developments focus […]

The relationship between the European Union and the United States Critical Writing

Introduction The European Union is generally a group of European countries, and/or nations that work together in the quest of improving the lives of their respective citizens and build a better world1. Cooper describes the EU as not a federation like the United States or other federations in the world; neither is it a state […]

Policy Critique on Homogenous Classes Critical Writing

Introduction Background Information Picciotto (2011) bemoans the fact that math classes at the school where he teaches are not tracked. Picciotto (2011) is a math teacher at Urban School where the school administration has adopted the heterogeneous mode of grouping students. The teacher reports that the Urban School lacks an honours or a remedial tracking […]

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Critical Writing

Introduction Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) is a traumatic disorder that African Americans have developed following the traumatic experiences of slavery and associated treatments by the whites. Ideally, PTSS is a theory that elucidates the nature and occurrence of certain behaviors among African Americans that relate to slavery. The social problems that Africans Americans and […]