Critical Writing: A Critical Comparison of Two Readings

Introduction The Chinese community has attracted a lot of attention from scholars especially from the western country. China as a country remains as one of the most observed nations in the world today. One possible explanation is the fact that it is regarded as an emerging and a significant economic power house. Scholars have zeroed […]


Introduction Different phenomena in human life have attracted explanations from experts and other observers, which unfortunately, have become to be regarded as the conventional truth even when they seem to fail. This paper seeks to analyze an article that describes the different explanations advanced for changing trends in crime, politics and other social factors in […]

“Analytic Response to Amy Tan’s short story entitled “”Two Kinds”””

“Two Kinds” by Amy Tan is a short story about a mother and her daughter who have different views on various issues in life. The story is about a young girl’s (named Jing-mei) refusal to her mother’s persistent urge to make her experience the American dream, which is the hope of most immigrants. The mother […]

Evaluative essay on article “To oppose WikiLeaks is to be against press freedom and free speech” by Chris Berg

Introduction This study evaluates an article by Chris Berg, which was published in a website titled, the Age. The article was titled, the Weight of the World. The article speaks against negative criticisms leveled against Wiki leaks and its founder Julian Assange (Berg 2010). The publication therefore advanced the fact that, wiki leaks was only […]

Gulliver’s Travels

Introduction Jonathan Swift wrote “Gulliver’s travels” in order to satirize European and British society and also to satirize human nature. Through the different tales, Gulliver illustrates just how man acts and thinks inconsistently. Sometimes these analyses dwell on different communities while in other instances they focus on his community. In other instances, it is the […]