Adopting an Information Strategy Critical Writing

Introduction Many improvements in the information technology have recently occurred changing the entire manner in which organizations conduct their businesses. With the help of sophisticated communication devices such as the Internet, coupled with the implementation on of the latest models such as trading hubs and distributed networks, companies stand a chance to slash their total […]

Reflect essay of Stakeholders dialogue Critical Writing

Stakeholders’ dialogue is part of capacity building programs set by organizations to manage change towards sustainable development. Building capacity involves several elements such as stakeholder’s education where the management takes time to make all the stakeholders be aware of organization goals and objectives (Von Krogh, Spaeth and Lakhani, 2003, p.60). This ensures that all the […]

Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Critical Writing

Introduction Brief Overview of the Article The article under analysis called Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste is written by Hanson et al. (1) The paper investigates the compaction characteristics of solid waste located in Michigan landfill received from laboratory data. In general, the article has great significance for environmental and economic studies because it […]

Role of Facebook in Social movements Critical Writing

Introduction Social movements have characterized most social, political, religious, and cultural struggles in the world history. It is already ten years into the 21st century but it is clear that technology, as a cultural tool, is at the epicenter of an emerging sociocultural struggle in which Facebook is a major player. Facebook tries to persuade […]

Mill’s On Liberty Critical Writing

Liberty can be defined as the freedom to do whatever one wishes without control from external forces such as the government. This means that people have the freedom to carry out their activities without restrictions from others. For instance, human beings at liberty are expected to make independent decisions since their thinking is not controlled […]

The Crisis of Love and Inquiry Critical Writing

The following is a discussion on Plato’s Symposium that has different elements of love. The essay examines different views based on Plato’s theories of the soul where he describes the three aspects of the soul, which includes appetitive, rational and spirited. The aim of this essay is to develop a philosophical discussion on love, which […]