Research Methods Dissertation

The research does not comprehensively capture the research methodology employed in the conduction of the research. He or she should have vividly expressed the method used in the collection of information, normally, qualitative or quantitative. The importance of stating the research method used is to help the audience or readers of that work ease in […]

Ceramic Art Dissertation

Introduction Ceramic art is a form of art with a long history in many parts of the world. It refers to making object such as tableware, tiles and figures from clay and other raw materials through the pottery process. The products that result from this process are categorized as fine art, decorative, industrial or applied […]

Analysis of why there are Few Women in Telecommunication Industry in Europe and Middle East Dissertation

Introduction As society evolves to become more dependent on science and technology for growth and development, the occupational segregation of women in the sciences relative to men, not only in terms of absolute numbers but also in terms of visibility in the upper echelons of the professions, represents a misuse of scarce human capital and […]

Social Constructionism and Its Impact on Cultural Identity in a Society Ruled by a Strong Rhetoric of Risk and Health and Safety Regulations Dissertation

The following literature review critically evaluates the existing debates central to the relevant themes and aims of this dissertation. These include social constructionism, namely the development of this theoretical framework and how it relates to the view of the self using accountability as an example; the rise of the dominant discourse on health and safety […]

Central China Television’s (CCTV) Dissertation

Following the unprecedented growth of the economy, increased per capita income and literacy levels; the mass among the Chinese and other communities in the world was spurred. Most importantly, opposition nationalists who pushed for democracy as well as growth of urbanization and urban life played a critical role in the development of mass media (Blumler […]

Literature Review on Hospitality Strategic Management Dissertation

Background Strategic Management Since Early 1950s In the early 1950s, budgetary planning as well as control emerged to be the dominant theme in the hospitality industry management. Organizations within the hotel industry used these strategic planning aspects and as such, the hotel industry enjoyed a successful stint. However, the main issue with these aspects was […]