The selection process of candidate

Introduction It has also been an opportunity for me to learn various issues surrounding the selection exercise. The selection process involves such issues as job application, short listings and interviews in order to settle down on the right candidate. There are various factors that are considered before settling down on the right candidate as we […]

Foreign policy

Introduction All countries in the world have different foreign policies concerning their counterparts. Different countries have varying opinions and perceptions and the nature of foreign policy depends largely on the country’s relations with the countries in question. These policies have in the recent years been based on the increasing terrorism across the globe. There are […]

Reading between the Lines: In Search for Fallacies

One of the most topical issues in the sphere of literature, the problem of fallacies will always remain on the agenda. Sometimes it seems that conveying the idea of the story without distorting it or suggesting a slightest deviation from the topic is completely impossible. Analyzing the text “Help Those Who Help, Not Hurt, Themselves”, […]

The 1988 Education Act

After the end of the confessional teachings and indoctrinations period, the 1988 Act era was noted for adopting phenomenology as the period’s watchword. Policy recommendations prior to the enactment of the Act, were further reviewed as increased debate ensued touching on the role of religious education. According to Coleman (1992), a series of problems were […]

Africa’s Poverty: The Influence of Western States

Introduction Poverty can be defined as the inability to meet one’s basic needs such as food, shelter and education due to lack of money. The western countries are blamed for their contribution towards the extreme levels of poverty. It is an irony to find out that the developed nations get their resources from Africa and […]

Julius Caesar

Introduction Throughout the annals of time there have been men that have quite literally steered the course of human history, their impact, influence and subsequent contributions to the shaping of mankind have helped bring about the current society that people now enjoy today; one such man who has forever left an indelible mark in humanity’s […]