Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)

Education evaluation is a process that aims at assessing the benefits and impacts of educational programs/systems and initiatives towards various aspects of education. This is achieved through utilization of numerous research methods. Education credential evaluators is a well known organization that is private and non profit making. It works through the preparation of evaluation reports […]


Introduction There has been a common perception which seems to be a fact that an attempt to establish regulations on the usage of cars generates protests. The protests are raised by motorists who feel that such regulations are infringements on their freedom of movement. An insight into circumstance about cars however gives an indication that […]

Characteristics of developmentally appropriate practice

Developmentally appropriate practice refers to a mode of education that focuses on the child as a developing human being and a constant learner. In this approach a child is seen as an active member in the learning process. The program has five characteristics. First, the program is aimed at social, emotional and cognitive development. Its […]

Literacy in Young Children

Young children develop communication abilities as soon as they are born and their perception of the world begins. This process starts way before they can talk and is expressed in diverse ways that may be considered minor but are important developments that pave the way for literacy. In this context, literacy is considered the possession […]

Cuba Music

Introduction Cuba has developed much music which is in very different styles of singing and composition. The people making this music try to apply the cultures which came from the continent of Africa and Europe. The music Cuba has natural styles based on the European specifically the Spanish and also the African music. The instruments […]

Cause and Effect of Oil Prices on the U.S. and World Economy

Oil prices are continuously fluctuating resulting in various effects in the U.S and world at large. This may be due to the fact that oil is a very critical commodity with regard to the operations of any country hence; a slight change in the macro or micro environments of the oil producing countries alters the […]