Marketing Plan for the School of International Business Essay

Introduction A marketing plan is a segment of an overall business plan (Buttell 2009, p. 6). A brilliant marketing strategy will lead to a well structured marketing plan (Goetsch 1981, p. 54). Coming up with a solid marketing plan requires one to undertake several procedures (Kotler, Keller & Burton 2009). Making a marketing plan for […]

E-Recruitment Essay

Abstract E-recruitment has emerged as a significant success factor for Human Resource Management in many organizations over the past decade due to its impact on efficiency and performance. This paper highlights the effectiveness of e-recruitment in HRM and recruitment process. A report on recruitment efforts indicated that in the year 2007, 75 percent of companies […]

Politeness Strategies Between Native and Non-native Speakers inthe Context of Brown & Levinson Politeness Theory Essay

Introduction This essay focuses on Brown and Levinson’s theory of politeness. Brown and Levinson developed this theory in 1987.The theory focuses on politeness strategies between native and non-native speakers in the context of Brown and Levinson politeness theory. In this essay, I will apply this framework to one data one part of the dataset collected. […]

Sustainable Tourism Essay

This essay shows that there are initiatives which aim at promoting sustainability in tourism destinations. However, these initiatives do not work due to the diverse nature of the tourism industry. The essay demonstrates this through various approaches to tourism sustainability and methods that stakeholders have applied in their attempts to enhance sustainability of tourism destinations. […]

Attributive theory and a new orientation program Essay

Attribution theory is a social cognitive theory that is concerned with motivation (Martinko, 2004). The theory was first proposed by Heider in 1958. Nevertheless, other scholars such as Jones and Weiner (1974) developed its framework. Later on, it became a research paradigm in the field of social psychology (Martinko, 2004). Needless to say, the theory […]