Can pollution rights trading effectively control environmental problems? Essay

Tradeable emissions and pollution rights are increasingly finding use as an environmental policy tool to facilitate in the control of environmental pollutants. Consequently, a number of firms are now in a position to acquire the rights to emit specific pollutants. This trend started with firms in the United States and the original aim was to […]

Consumer Protection with Regard to the Ethics Code Essay

As psychology has developed, the efforts to provide consumer protection have promoted the establishment of specific rules, principles, and standards. In particular, the present set of standards and ethical issues has created the ground for analyzing the difference between consumer protections in such settings as assessment/testing and therapy/counseling. These settings undertaken by psychologists have certain […]

Progression of the European Settlement and Development Mississippi (1500’s-1817) Essay

Dwelling upon the progression of the European settlement on the Mississippi river from 1500’s until its becoming statehood in 1817, it should be noted that Spanish Conquistador Hernando de Soto was the first European who visited the river during 1539-1542.[1] The French research on the territories of the River was crucial, as it lead to […]

Practical applications of the study Essay

In an employment situation, leaders should understand their employees to develop effective employees’ motivation mechanisms. Fulfillment of psychological contracts between the employer and employee facilitates development and reinforcement of good employee’s relation. To analyze a real practical example, let us take an example of information technology departments consisting of specialist and their support staffs. The […]

Linear Regression of Job Satisfaction Essay

Linear regression plots a line between our data that minimizes the least squared difference between the data points and the regression line (Wooldridge 2009). This model allows us to generate estimates of the magnitude of impact of a one-unit increase in our independent variable on our dependent variable on average in the population of interest […]