City of God

The life in Rio de Janeiro can seem to be the never ended festival with a lot of smiling people and bright colors. Nevertheless, the reality of the people’s life in the city can be far from this vivid picture. Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by the territories known as favelas where the peculiarities of […]

Triumph of the Will

Why was the movie Triumph of the Will such an effective piece of propaganda? What techniques did the director use to convey her message? Propaganda is a communication act aimed at influencing the audience to adopt a certain point of view. The word has acquired a negative connotation given that it could amount to lying […]

Fluoride and Mercury – The Dumbing Down of our Population

Introduction ‘Fluoride and Mercury – The Dumbing Down of our Population’ is a documentary that commences with assessing the ethical principles behind environmental degradation emanating from government services as well as from privatization of its services. Blaylock highlights that the government takes little concern while carrying out functions related to environmental issues, as evidenced by […]

Gone Baby Gone

This paper outlines several aspects in the film ‘Gone Baby Gone’ that has been directed by Ben Affleck. It highlights various issues that relate to urban planning as captured by the film. It discusses the themes of family structure, limited mobility in urban areas, urban crime, morality and the social networks that exist in urban […]

Examined Life

Introduction “Examined life” is a film that reveals people’s philosophical view of the world. In addition, it tries to apply rationality in lives. This paper will examine three philosophers in the documentary. It will also try to examine interesting, frustrating, agitating, and exciting things about them. Cornel West Cornel West is a professor at Princeton […]