House Rules

“House Rules” talks about the problems that people encounter in public institutions and housing depending on the location. The first episode is an interview with Jada who discusses her experience in two different schools. One was very discriminatory towards her, the learning environment was not very effective, and the teachers were not eager to make […]


St. Louis was transformed by the processes of concentration and deconcentration which related to the times and people’s social status. Concentration was evident through the distribution of the population. The lower and middle class people were placed into one area, close to the city and their workplaces. This was a form of exclusion of a […]

The Outsiders: Critical Review

Introduction A film is a visual medium and normally attempts to portray certain parts on thoughts of characters not explicitly expressed. Recognizing themes of loyalty, moral crisis, honor, and revenge, Ford Coppola brings life into the film The Outsiders. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly and critically review the elements of storytelling, acting, cinematography, […]

Malcolm X

Malcolm X is an American movie about celebrating the lives of sorrow and street prison and changing the situation for a better future. The biography of the activist Malcolm X reflects on the power to change one’s life without considering fate. The film is very inspirational as well as educative in that it gives an […]