Critique the film A Prophet directed by Jacques Audiard Movie Review

The film A Prophet directed by Jacques Audiard explores the life of a French Algerian who is confronted with cruel prison life that often deprives a person of his humanity. In particular, the authors of this movie attempt to show how an individual can be forced into the conflict between ethnic or religious groups. More […]

Review: “World Trade Center” by Oliver Stone Movie Review

Introduction The purpose of this study is to analyze the movie World Trade Center (2006) directed by Oliver Stone. The assessment will capture the nature of the crisis presented in the movie, the steps taken to alleviate the crisis and the skills employed in the rescue operations. The study will also assess the development of […]

Review of “…So Goes the Nation” movie Movie Review

Introduction …So Goes the Nation is a political documentary that focuses on the US political processes. It specifically follows the 2004 presidential elections between President George W. Bush and John Kerry. The events that are described in the movie are set in Ohio State that became the political battlefield for the two candidates in their […]

The Hours (2002) directed by Stephen Daldry Movie Review

The problems depicted in movies often reflect the most important and problematic issues which are characteristic for the definite society or period of time. The Hours (2002) directed by Stephen Daldry can be discussed as the movie in which such a controversial moral issue as suicide is presented with references to three main characters who […]

Respond for the movie “Killer of sheep” related with neo-realism style and blue anaestetic Movie Review

Blue anesthetic meets with Neo-Realism in the movie Killer of Sheep (1977). The writer brings a blues aesthetic to a style of filmmaking in his work (Kapsis 49). The films deal with what is termed as the “ravages of fascism”. This fascism causes the decay of communities and leaves rifts in national identity. The films […]