Mountains Summary Formerly, many held the idea that earth is only made up of planet core and soil. Surprisingly, it is composed of many other strange details; in fact, it has more than what any one of us can imagine. In introduction, a world which is both frozen and alien is highlighted. That is not […]

Making Marriage Work

Views concerning Making Marriage Work Based on the interview conducted by Betty Ann Bowser regarding the institution of marriage in Oklahoma, the welfare program tries to help individuals especially married couples, who are psychologically affected as a result of broken marriages. According to the governor, Mr. Frank Keating, poverty is one of the major reasons […]

Movie Review: Beyond the Nuclear Family

Today, the role and form of a modern family are the most discussed questions. In spite of the fact a family remains to be an important social institution, the associated aspects and norms are changed significantly. Such issues as the definition of family, family structures and roles, influential factors for changing families, and the family […]

Divorce made easier

Initially, marriages were designed to last forever, but in the recent past, divorces have become norm. This is facilitated by courts and legislatures that have made it simple. The legal processes are reduced and anyone filling a petition to seek divorce can be granted without explaining in details the reasons as to why he/she needs […]

Movie Review: Caught in the Crossfire

Healthy relationships within a family are the fundament for the child’s successful development. However, there are debates on the role of gay families in bringing up children. Sandra Williams, the author of the movie Caught in the Crossfire: Children of Gay and Lesbian Parents (1997), focuses on the discussion of this controversial question because she […]

The Itis

The tenth episode of The Buddocks, the Itis, reflects on the contemporary American themes, such as race, class, ethnicity, and gender, in an artistic manner presented throughout the TV series. In terms of the race challenge facing America in a modern day setting, the producer shows a picture of a divided society. Despite impressive steps […]