“Coffy” by Jack Hill Movie Review

Introduction The film, Coffy, intended on defying stereotypes about depictions of African American women as sapphires; however, it ended up creating a new stereotype. Pam Grier was a refined version of the whore stereotype. Coffy played a sexy woman who used her attractiveness to get what she wanted. This portrayal hypersexualized black women and reduced […]

The Interpretation of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Presented by Patrick Garland Movie Review

The role of women in the society of the 19th century is a rather controversial point for the discussion in literature because of the fact the end of the century can be characterized as the period of the women’s awakening and starting their struggle for the real equality in rights with men. Henrik Ibsen presented […]

Analysis of Group Identity and Norms in Ocean’s Eleven Movie Review

Ocean’s Eleven movie discloses the brightest example of how group communication and interdependence can lead to the accomplishment of commonly shared goals (Soderbergh, 2001). In this respect, the members of Ocean’s group reveal their ability to think in accordance with group’s objectives and contribute independently to the success of activities they were engaged in. The […]

Ethics and Moral Reasoning Movie Review

Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics Aristotle in his virtue ethics states that a virtuous individual is someone with ideal traits. These characteristic traits normally come from an individual’s innate tendency but should be cultivated. After they are cultivated, these character traits supposedly become stable in an individual. Moral consequentilaists and deontologists are normally concerned with universal doctrines […]