My Left Foot

This is a touching movie, and most people who have watched it will agree that the levels of commitment that are exhibited by the family members towards Christy Brown despite his disabilities are relatively high. In that era, the fact that most individuals who suffered from diseases such as cerebral palsy were institutionalized was quite […]

How the American family is changing

Traditionally, the American family used to be made up of two parents. They could fully support each other in terms of family needs. The traditional nuclear families were the major source of hope and inspiration for all the family members. However, the changing times have ushered in new types of families and their respective roles. […]

Faith and Family: Video Review

The significance of a family as a building block of the community is enormous because it is important for each individuals to have a feeling of connection. Indeed, family shapes our attitude to morale, divorce, religion, and beliefs. It provides a deeper understanding of people’s future goals in life. While looking at the videos on […]

After Happily Ever After

‘After Happily Ever After’ is a comical and inspiring documentary video discussing the current issues that affect marriages. The video tries to find answers why a number of people get married each day yet the rate of divorce is still high. At the beginning, Schermerhorn and her second companion were shooting a video on their […]

Blade runner

The movie “Blade runner” is an interesting representation of a possible future that humanity may enter into within the coming years and brings to light several ethical dilemmas that we as a species will eventually face. As technology continues to progress, it may very well come to pass that the “replicants” depicted in the movie […]