Service Quality Gap: Oman Insurance Company Proposal

Executive Summary The assessment of the quality of service delivery in an organisation is important as it allows consumers to make informed decisions. It also helps the organisation to respond appropriately to improve its services. In the past, service quality has been defined as “the extent to which a service meets customers’ needs or expectations” […]

Infant Sleep Disturbance (ISD) Proposal

Introduction Infant Sleep Disturbance (ISD) is a common problem in psychology. Infants who have this problem may significantly disrupt family life, as they demand a lot of attention from parents and those around them. Past findings from sleep laboratories show insignificant differences between infant sleep disorders and sleep disorders among older children, or adults (Heller, […]

Improving Tech-Shield’s brand visibility Proposal

Marketing strategy is essential before actualizing projections of a marketing plan blue print. As a matter of fact, this plan functions on the margins of informed decision making after comprehensive research on viability and sustainability of a new product or a modified product (Stokes 25). In the overcrowded industry where Tech-Shield operates in, product positioning […]

A Research Proposal on Multilateral Diplomacy in the 21st Century Proposal

Abstract The current unilateral challenges that face the world necessitate the need for multiple relations among different nations. Some of the challenges and problems of the 21st century include human rights, environmental issues, labor rights, and humanitarian assistance (Muldoon 62). A research on the need for multilateral diplomacy in the 21st century is significant in […]

Peet’s Coffee and Tea Proposal

Industrial background Peet’s Coffee and Tea is a restaurant with international operations across the world. With its headquarters located in California, the business has a chain of coffee houses located at various parts of the world. The restaurant business deals in a range of products consisting of diversified coffee and tea beverages. Problem statement Following […]

Proposal. Qualitative Research Proposal

Purpose For this project qualitative analysis will be conducted using the focus group discussions. The primary aim of the task is to point out the sentiments of Nando’s consumers to the new delivery framework developed by Nandos. The focus shall be on quantifying the attitudes of consumers to Nando’s as an institution, and the services […]