Emirates Airline Marketing

Abstract/Summary Emirates Airline is currently the largest airline company in the Middle East. This company was founded in the year 1985 (“Emirates Airline Profile”, 2012). The company is the “flagship and national airline of Dubai, United Arab Emirates” (“Emirates Airline Profile”, 2012, p.1). It is based outside the Dubai International Airport. Emirates Airline Company undertakes […]

Global English Effect on Arabic Language, Culture and Identity

The world has started to undergo all kinds of influences connected to the process of globalisation many decades ago. The boundaries between counties get vague, communication and interactions become more active, travelling is a usual part of modern humans’ lives. The tragic events, which happened on the eleventh of September in 2001, have made a […]

Societies’ Concern about Sensationalism, Media Ethics, and Practices

Abstract In the contemporary world, people handle things differently because of their desire to earn massive profits. The media executives aspire to generate huge profits, and therefore, they have taken a different approach in handling the junior journalists. Journalists, who ought to exercise an authoritative role in giving reliable information, are acting under the influence […]

Cross-culture Project Cooperation

Focus of the Study Globalisation has opened up borders and brought people from different cultures together. Modern technologies have improved transportation and communication and encouraged expansion of corporations to overseas markets. Economic cooperation between governments has also risen in the globalisation age. People from different cultures now work together in workplace environments that encourage diversity […]

The CEO-to-Worker Pay-Ratio Disclosure Proposed by SEC

The objective of this research paper will be to explain to CEOs of companies on how to implement the CEO-to-Worker Pay-Ratio Disclosure. Successful implementation of the proposal will boost the elements of transparency, accountability, leadership, and strong standards of governance. As a matter of fact, the proposal will internalize the aspects of proactive management, employee […]

Business Proposal for the Launching & Commercialisation of Tropical Health Drink

Business Description Since it was founded in 2005, Tropical Coffee House (TCH) has become one of the most preferred small-sized establishments for people who like to blend unique leisure experiences with the art of healthy living. Headquartered in London, TCH operates several other outlets in Essex, Kent and Surrey in line with its core mission […]

English Language Education Issues in Kuwait

Introduction The English language continues to gain recognition around the world. Institutions and governments across the globe are now formulating policies to facilitate the introduction of English into the curriculum (Bolton, Graddol & Meierkord 2011). The case for English is that individuals who possess language competencies are more likely to compete favourably in the job […]

Involvement and Engagement of Employees at Coca Cola Great Britain

Introduction Coca-Cola Great Britain is based in West London. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company, a multinational corporation of American origin (Ignatius 2011). It is involved in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of non-alcoholic drinks in the markets within which it has operations (Senker & Foy 2012). It mainly deals with concentrates […]

Consumers’ Motivation and Satisfaction of Luxury Hotel in China

Introduction The hotel industry serves a significant role in fulfilling people’s luxury-related needs. According to Husic and Cicic (2009), luxury can be defined as a condition of immense consolation or stylishness, which involves massive expenditures. In the hotel industry, such luxury relates to superior services and packages, which are majorly affordable by the wealthy class […]

Effects of Apple’s Marketing Strategy on Customers’ Behaviour in Chinese Market

Introduction In a retrospect, Apple, Inc. is one of those companies that were destined to become the world leaders. Launched into the global market with its innovative concept of Apple III, a personal computer that turned out to be quite competitive in the environment dominated by IBM and Microsoft, the organisation has been increasingly successful […]

Professional Training. A Strategy for Staff Development

Introduction The police force and other government agencies rely on human capital to achieve a big percentage of their objectives. However, for a long time, these organizations have not been known to put efforts to support the development of their staff. Public institutions in Sharjah are expected to contribute to development goals in equal measure […]

Performance Appraisal as a Tool for Achieving Organizational and Employee Development

Overview of RMRDC The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) promotes the development of industrial raw materials in the Republic of Nigeria. It also oversees the utilisation of the same minerals, while its activities are considered part of the Nigerian government on a federal level. The organisation started in 1988 and has grown to […]

Language Learning

Introduction The process of designing language-learning programs requires the participation of different individuals. Designing language-learning programs also requires the input of individuals involved in policy formulation. An example of a subject is the teaching of English as a second language. English is taught as a second language to individuals who immigrate into areas where this […]

Israeli Gaza Conflict

Introduction The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a major dispute between Palestinians and Israelis. The conflict began in the 1940s after the United Nations (UN) established a Jewish state in the region. The Gaza-Israel conflict took a new dimension following the election of the Hamas Party in 2005. This conflict escalated after the Palestinian Authority collapsed. […]

Database Management Systems in Charities

Introduction Background information The modern world has become smaller and people are becoming more responsible. This trend is manifested through appearance of numerous non-profit organisations that help underprivileged people or simply people in need. At the same time, not-for-profit organisations often fail to achieve their goals and operate ineffectively due to the use of inefficient […]

Managing Change and Organisational Development

Introduction Non-profit organisations depend on “Voluntary, public and corporate funding through donations and bequests to render their services” (Todnem, 2005, p. 377). Increase in the number of non-profit organisations has led to competition for financial support. On the other hand, the available monetary resources have continued diminishing. Furthermore, the monetary funds are neither adequate nor […]

Eye-path and Memory-prediction Framework

Introduction Online marketing and advertising actively develop nowadays, and modern advertisers need to focus on the customers’ attitudes and behaviours in the context of the effectiveness of the advertisement’s location on the web page. Thus, it is important to answer the questions on how customers look at advertisements, focus their attention, and how their eye […]

Effectiveness of Various Conflict Management Practices

Introduction When investors establish projects, they hope that they will have employees, who will work together towards the progress of the entire project. However, in the contemporary world, it is almost impossible to have a conflict-free working environment. In one or more occasions, people may tend to have some negative attitudes towards their workmates, and […]

Effectiveness of Carbon Tax in Environmental Sustainability

Introduction The question of environmental sustainability remains the most appropriate subject in ecological economics. With the evident increased knowledge on the effects of emitting pollutant gases into the environment, nations around the world continue to struggle to minimise environmental degradation using various mechanisms. On this end, greenhouse gases are one of the most feared causes […]

Solar Energy Installation Project Management

Introduction Establishment of renewable energy resources to curb global warming is receiving immense support from a majority of the governments (Atkinson 2001). Atkinson claims, “People have used non-renewable sources of energy like coal and petroleum for a long time” (2001, p. 45). These sources have significantly contributed to the emission of greenhouse gases, prompting the […]

E-Learning in the Academic Industry

Introduction Motivation More universities are integrating e-learning and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools with their curriculum. Despite the lasting association of traditional teaching methods with colleges and universities, the change switch e-learning and ICT based teaching has been rapid. E-learning and ICT based teaching has experienced tremendous growth in the education industry. Even though […]

Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies

An Audience Study on the Effectiveness of Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies to Target Local Emirati Females Living in Dubai. Introduction Research question and sub-questions Social media influence many aspects of the people’s life, including the persons’ purchasing behavior. In this context, it is important to conduct a research on the role of Facebook […]

Company’s CSR Initiatives Relation to Employee Retention

Introduction This research seeks to find answers to questions on how a company’s CSR initiatives affect its employee retention. The research questions that this research will address include the extent to which companies involve their employees in CSR initiatives, how involvement of employees in CSR activities affect their decision to stay, and the extent of […]

Marketing Strategy for a Shopping Mall

Introduction New investments often experience hardships while trying to penetrate a strange business market where competition and consumer profiles are still unclear. Since the operational techniques of a new investment are unfamiliar, the products are unique, the customer base is unidentified, and the market challenges are still unknown. Thus, penetration and endurance of such businesses […]

Sustainability of Trade Relationship Between EU and China

Globalisation has opened up channels for different countries to join hands in a bid to strengthen their business ties. China is one of such countries. Upon joining world trade organisation (WTO), China became the EU’s largest trading partner in goods and fourth trading partner in terms of services. Although frustration in the bilateral trade relationship […]

Effects of Multilingualism on Saudi Arabian Children

Research Proposal Aims The study under consideration aims at discussing the effects of multilingualism on Saudi Arabian children development and understanding of the world around. To be more specific, the paper discloses the multilingualism effects on children’s behaviour and language development as these two issues are considered to be the main factors that can define […]

Consumers’ Motivation and Satisfaction of 5-Star Hotel in China

Introduction In the course of the last couple of decades, rising levels of consumers in China have become weary of going to chain hotels known for accommodating a huge number of customers (Erkutlu & Chafra 2006). 5-star hotels are the superior luxury hotels that realize intimate and high anticipations for global guest services and intensive […]

Communication Effectiveness in the Management of Virtual Teams

Introduction Various organisations currently operate at the global business interface that is characterised by intense competition, dynamic changes in consumer needs, emerging trends of new products, changing technology, and different cultures. Such businesses strive to maintain operations that are geared towards striking a balance between the influences of the above factors. Most multinational businesses usually […]

Managing People at Heinz Company

Introduction H.J Heinz Company is a well-established firm that operates in the US food industry. The firm has attained global market recognition due to its comprehensive internationalisation strategy. The firm is renowned for its nutritious and delicious convenient food products (Heinz 2015). Despite its past market success, Heinz is focused on optimising its economic sustainability […]

H. J Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Merger

Introduction The contemporary business environment is undergoing an unparalleled paradigm shift. Consequently, business entities are progressively adjusting their corporate and business-level strategies in order to remain competitive. Some of the strategies that firms have adopted entail diversification, expansion, and the formation of mergers and acquisitions. Lakhman (2011) emphasises that mergers and acquisitions [M&A] have become […]

Primary School Teachers’ Attitudes towards Teaching and Testing Vocabulary

Introduction Research has been intensified on the teaching practice of teachers using English as a second language. The areas of research revolve from the teaching practice, writing, reading, and use of grammar, previous education background and the effectiveness of their teaching foundation (Alexander 2007). An analysis of primary school teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards teaching […]

Employee Motivation in Spanish Hotel Chains

Introduction Purpose of the study There are several types of leadership feedback attributions in organizations. For instance, addressing feedback with anger may result in abusive supervision. On the other hand, addressing feedback as evaluation that is based on the results of poor performance may not give the ideal picture for proactive organizational behaviour module. As […]

Importance of Anne Bradstreet’s poem “Contemplations”

Justification for the Importance of Anne Bradstreet’s poem “Contemplations” Anne Bradstreet’s poem, Contemplations, is a very important piece of Puritan poetry. Its importance is vivid in its use of the Puritan style and its handling of Puritan themes. Precisely, it uses nature in trying to advise people to come back to God despite the many […]

“New Normal” and Productivity of Chinese Companies

Introduction The New Normal State of China’s Economy Economic indicators reveal that China’s economy is proceeding to a “new normal” stage. After the world economic crisis of 2008, China has experienced considerable declinations in its growth rates. China’s economy is rebalancing and this is obvious in the slowing of export growth, from an initial annual […]