Professional Relationships

Introduction Managing students is one of the most important ways through which an educational institution can improve its efficiency. Having worked at the students’ service department at the college it was clear that this institution has to come up with a strategy that would reduce time wastage when handling student issues. It was clear that […]

Proposal for Department of Homeland Security Management Department and Technological Support Center

Executive summary The department of homeland security is the third largest department in the American government. Therefore, it requires specialized management in order to enhance its performance and assure the fulfillment of its basic role of ensuring the internal security of the American population at all times. In addition, the department has various other subdivisions, […]

The Flood of San Antonio in 1921: Re-Evaluating the Effects. A Catastrophe Viewed Through a Different Lens

Introduction: A Bit of History San Antonio was not quite famous up until the early XX century, when it was struck by a natural disaster. In 1921, a massive flood destroyed the city and changed its landscape considerably. When one might have thought that the situation could not possibly get any worse, it became clear […]


Executive Summary Type of problem The automotive industry has presented humanity with a wide range of beneficiaries. However, it is pointed at as a major source of air pollution resulting in climate change, green house gases, human diseases and many other problems. In fact, the industry is among the biggest consumers of fossil fuels. The […]

Organizational Behavior Management at BMW

Vision The project that will be undertaken will enlarge the knowledge of the existing employees. The employees will be motivated and will be a source of competent and knowledgeable workforce guarantying Bavaria Motor Works (BMW) a steady flow of innovation and competency in handling global motor production. Automobile production requires expertise and motivation to gain […]

Strategic Spatial Planning Evaluation

Introduction Overview The proposed study is about establishing new spatial plans for urban areas. Establishing new urban territories is important as they affect the living environments of various stakeholders. Often, the planning team, which undertakes the re-structuring of a city, cannot interact with all stakeholders (people and organizations) in order to assess and incorporate their […]