Media in Development Communication

The article titled Media in Development Communication was written by Payel Sen Choudhury, a lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the New Alipore College in Kolkata, India. It was published in the India Edition of the Global Media Journal in 2011 (Choudhury 2011). The article’s specializes in the area of development […]

Energy efficient team project

Introduction Inefficient sources of energy like coal, firewood and petroleum have been the principal causes of climate change and subsequently global warming. The probable effects of global warming are preposterous and it is, therefore, imperative that nations take quick and unequivocal measures to revolutionize their energy sources before it is too late. The sole purpose […]

Microenvironment and the Macro-environment

Marketing form an essential part of all business ventures. The Kentucky Fried Chicken is one such commercial undertaking that fulfils society needs through merchandizing fast foods and side dishes. Their delicacies attract the milieu and numerous persons outside Australia. n an industrial setting, a quality SWOT analysis is advisable (Segal-Horn, & Faulkner, pg. 28). The […]

Home from Home Cooking: A Business Proposal

There is hardly a single person who has never felt hungry while being away from home, which is why the Home from Home Cooking takeaway is a successful idea worth trying. Placing the services in the Brentford area, however, one must take certain specifics of the place into account. First of all, the season matters […]

The Political Economy of Germany – Report

Overview of the political economy of Germany According to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany is one of the strongest economies among the countries that form the European Union (16). During the last quarter of the year 2011, the real gross domestic product of Germany stood at $ 3.479 trillion (Global Finance 1). This […]