Towards Understanding why most Business Reengineering Projects Fail

Today, more than ever before, the business environment is characterized by intense competition, shifts in customer demands and expectations, rapid globalization trends, and the ever domineering convergence of technology. To maintain a competitive lead under these conditions, many organizations have turned to business process reengineering to fundamentally revamp critical business processes that have become outdated […]

International business in Germany

1. Introduction Germany has conventionally been the largest economy in Europe and the leading in global science and engineering development. Today, Germany stands as the fifth largest economy in the world with its gross domestic product (GDP) estimated to be almost a third of that euro-zone. In fact, its GDP per capita is the highest […]

Global Supply Chain

Introduction In light of the new globalization, many companies have restructured their distribution models. In this regard, many multinational firms are increasingly embracing global supply chain systems. “Global supply chain management involves a company’s worldwide interests and suppliers rather than simply a local or national orientation” (Long, 2003). Therefore, global supply chain is likely to […]

Strategic human resource in the hospitality industry; A case of United States of America hotels

Introduction The report is a critical evaluation of the United States of America hotel industry. To accomplish this, there will be need to critically evaluate the extent to which strategic HRM can help organisations face the challenges of the future; under this section both external and internal environment of the industry will be evaluated. The […]

The onion set to hit Toronto Newsstand this week

Summary of the Article The article is a story about the U.S free humorous newspaper, “The Onion”, deciding to expand into the Canadian market. The writer seeks to establish from Steve Hannah, the president and CEO of “The Onion” why they have chosen Toronto city in their first bid to expand beyond the U.S cities. […]

Book Review: Life in Year One: What the World was Like in First-Century Palestine

Scott Korb is an author with a lot of interest in imaginative and factual history such that he is able to help the reader of the book “Life in year one: what the world was like in the first-century Palestine” visualize the exact position and situation at the indicated time during and immediately after the […]