Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board Report

Introduction The Hampton-Newport Community Services Board (HNNCSB) offers a broad range of mental well-being and drug abuse services and care for people with mental and developmental disorders (Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board, 2013). These services are available to people of all ages in Hampton and Newport News. The agency’s vision is to create a community […]

The History of the Endangered Languages and the Ways of Their Preservation Report

Introduction The problem of language preservation is very important nowadays. There are 6800 languages on the Earth but many of them may disappear if people will not take the necessary steps in order to save them. The problem of language disappearance is urgent in many countries of the world. The problem is studied by many […]

Techno-Economic Assessment for SHAMS 1 Project and CSP in the UAE Report

Problem Statement The report attempts to analyze the essence of using CSP technology as an alternative source of energy given that it does not pollute the environment. In this aspect, the report explores the cost and benefits of the entire project. Literature Review CSP is one of the methods that need to be employed since […]

Cloud Computing: ERP Report

Introduction In the contemporary business circles, cloud computing has rapidly turned into a buzzword as experienced over the last decade. The importance of cloud computing model to the organizations has received significant acceptance. In fact, the acceptance in business application as a tool occurred due to the availability of computing capability, software, and supportive infrastructure. […]

ERP Issue: Stakeholders Report

Abstract The actions of an ERP project stakeholder determine whether a project will succeed or fail. In particular, their interactions influence each other’s role and determine the final project outcome. This paper identifies the different stakeholders involved in an ERP project selection and implementation process, the challenges they face and the impact a project has […]

ERP Systems: Sage Report

Abstract Sage is a Corporation that offers one of the most important Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software that every Windows users can utilize without much difficulty. The firm acts as one of the colossal and key performers in the marketplace. Given that Sage comes along with other e-commerce features, most of the management systems of […]