Conservation of Natural Resources

Introduction In his book, A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold explores conservation of natural resources. Leopold is trying to get across a salient message of conserving the natural resources particularly the sustainable use of land. In the first twelve chapters of the book, Leopold describes how seasons and living things affect the environment; middle chapters […]

Addiction Severity Index

The addiction severity index (ASI) is a brief, approximately one hour partly structured interview that is used to analyze the vital aspects of a person’s life that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse. The ASI was originally invented by a group of researchers in 1980 at the University of Pennsylvania’s under the leadership of […]

Strategic Management Plan

Introduction Strategic management plan finds use in promoting strategic leadership as well as in strategic planning to ensure that the business processes of an organization are in line with goals (Probst, Raub, & Romhardt 1999). Strategic plan should reflect the goals and vision that the organization aspires to accomplish within a given period of time. […]


Introduction Gold is among the most admired and popular minerals in the world. It is famous for its high value and extraordinary properties. Majority of ancient gold specimen underwent smelting for production. Fine gold specimen has a higher market value than ordinary gold specimen. Gold has stains of silver in its natural state after mining. […]


Introduction Marketing refers to the process of conducting market research, selling goods or services to clients and promoting them through advertisement to increase the sales volume. It is a complex process by which organizations and industries develop strong relationships with the customers. In order to conduct effective marketing of products, it is important for the […]

Renaissance Artist

Renaissance was considered to be a time where there was exercise of a lot of inventiveness in art, structural designs, science, and writing in literature. This period lasted in Europe at an approximated period of three centuries between 1300 and 1600 which led to the interventions of the printing press as well as telescope. There […]