Career Exploration and Awareness Education

CCareer exploration and awareness plays a pivotal role in the gifted students’ education. It significantly helps students in roles, options, and opportunities that interest them in the field of work or in the community. To some extent, students differ significantly from each other. Some of them are fast in learning while others are slow. Some […]


We leave in a world where by sociology is very significant in solving the day to day problems. The social world model is particularly very significant in understanding and solving some of these problems. It acts as a framework for problem solving. The world is supposed to be viewed in an integrated and comprehensive manner […]

Project Safety Risk Management Plan

Executive Summary This report is a study of an Australian construction project known as Sydney Light Rail Construction and Extension. The project costs around US$ 100 million. It is a continuing project which is highly manageable. This project has been shown to be specifically risky in terms of safety. Risk management is therefore predominantly applicable […]

Transformational Change: Role of Leadership

Introduction Leadership can basically be defined as the process in which an individual provides directions or a process of social influence, which is enlisted by a person together with assistance from others to attain or rather accomplish a common goal. Leaders are persons entrusted by the society to bring change in their state of living: […]

Christian Worldview

Introduction In Christianity life, doing good at all times is an obligation that is expected of all its followers. Jesus Christ who is regarded as the founder of Christianity told his disciples to go all over the world and spread the gospel. After his death, his disciples started preaching as their leader had told them […]