What Every Business Graduate Should Know Before Entering the Business World

Executive Summary The report entails an analysis of the various factors which should be considered with regard to business communication. The report is aimed at equipping graduates with various concepts relating to the job market with regard to job searching. Some of the factors considered include dining etiquette, business attire, job preparation, interview questions and […]

Negotiations and Conflict

Negotiation according to McCuddy (2003, p.1), is a course of action where different parties with originally different views on a specific issue move towards a common agreement on the same. The process involves some vital approaches namely talking, dialogue, giving, and taking, conferring and positioning. A negotiation needs people to relent on their initial position […]

Case Analysis Paper

Summary of the case One of the major functions of the school principle is to organize the activities so that it is possible to meet the demands of teachers, students, and their parents. In the case under consideration, the problem is that the duties of the leader are divided between two people, the principle and […]

Communication strategy

PART 1 Introduction Apple, a world renowned maker of computers and information technology-related products launched its iPhone 4 on June 24, 2010. Soon after, users started complaining about diminishing signal strength ostensibly caused by faulty antennas on the iPhone. When the complaints started streaming in, Apple responded by advising the iPhone 4 users to try […]

Charter schools

Sponsored by the public, charter schools are knowledge institutions formed under a performance accord. Charter schools enjoy certain privileges thus are expected to prosper academically. Before a full charter is granted, student performances must meet certain required standards. Furthermore, even after a charter is granted, there must be follow ups on student performance, which ultimately […]

Cognitive Development

Introduction `Cognitive development refers to the growth in mental understanding, interpretation and perception of things and the world in general. It entails the growth of various intellectual activities including thinking, reasoning and attentiveness. It is noted that, many approaches on cognitive advancement concentrate on mental development, as opposed to, other cognitive development processes. Cognitive development […]