Case Study Report: Panera Bread Company Report

Executive Summary Problem Statement After Au Bon Plain Corporation was sold off, Panera Bread Company found it easy to fund the expansion of its company-owned bakery-cafés and franchise-operated bakery-cafés across the United States in order to be one of the leaders in the quick-service restaurant industry. Analysis Panera Bread Company has endeavored to scrupulously formulate […]

Annual Data for Per Capita Consumption of Beer Report

Multiple regression model of the demand for beer in Australia The descriptive statistics of the regression model provide that the average per capita consumption of beer is 115 liters and the per capita income is $5691.61. The average prices of beer, wine and spirits is $1.52, $3.34 and $17.41 respectively (Table 1). The standard deviations […]


Approach and tools needed The business idea that EnerNOC came with tells of the company founders’ desire to meet the growing demand in electricity. Traditionally, electric utilities supplied to consumers power but when power shortages occurred, it very difficult to meet the consumption demands of the ever –growing number of consumers. EnerNOC therefore became a […]

Market penetration strategy Report

Increase our penetration to the market by intensifying the organisations efforts to more of the market Market penetration strategy refers to the firm intensifying its efforts to capture a larger share of the market by selling more of its product to its already existing customers (Ataman, 2003; Smith, Drumwright & Gentile, 2008; Myron, 2007; Kara, […]

Thailand ‘Interested’ in Refugee swap deal with Australia Report

The print text under analysis is called Thailand ‘Interested’ in Refugee swap deal with Australia and is dedicated to the problem of immigration and relations between countries concerning the swap arrangement (Anonymous n. p.). It also discloses the problem of asylum-seekers within a broad context. Due to the fact that the text touches upon national […]

Smoking’s Ethical Problem Report

Smoking is a habit developed by most people but the problem with it, just like any other drug, is addiction. Consequently, people addicted to smoking find it difficult to go for long periods without smoking. This has led to people smoking everywhere; public areas such as buses, restaurants and workplaces. For non-smokers, this habit is […]