Information systems (IS) development Report

Introduction In the recent years, there has been emphasis on business approaches. The idea has highlighted need for a mechanism to elicit, represent and validate the requirements that would focus on co-development activities that aim at enhancing alignment between support technical systems and business processes (Vasilecas, 1983). After several studies and researches, experts and scholars […]

Pricing Strategies for Clearwater Technologies QTX Server Capacity Upgrades Report

Introduction: Case Presentation and Thesis Statement Price capacity upgrades for Clearwater Technologies’ QTX server is the main discussion of the company’s top officers in their meeting. The finance department wises to increase revenue thus suggesting having prices as high as they could while for the sales side, prices should be fair enough to produce volume […]

Comparing French and Japanese Employment Systems Report

Introduction and Thesis Statement There are about 63,000 international organizations that dominate the world trade today (Budwar, 2005).The success of these organizations lies in their Human Resource Management (HRM) strategies, policies and practices. In the light of globalization, HRM is crucial for Multi-National Companies (MNCs) for it can act as an instrument for the harmonization […]

Traditional Training Methods Report

Knowledge is a vital component for the performance of employees on the job. Employees should translate the knowledge they learn in to behavior for training to be useful. There are three main categories of traditional training methods. These include presentation methods, Hands on training and group building methods. Each approach has its own advantages and […]

Social Media and the Hospitality Industry Report

Introduction Lately, social media sites have grown enormously in terms of usership and popularity. As a matter of fact, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are slowly replacing traditional forms of internet communication such as email. They have become important tools for people to stay in touch, meet new people, and share […]

Hofstede and Trompenaars theories of culture diversity Report

Personnel management has taken centre-stage in many organizations; the move has been triggered by the realization of employees’ vital role in corporate goals and objectives attainment. However, in contemporary business environments, business leaders at team and corporate level are facing challenges managing employees from different parts of the globe. Diversity in human capital is facilitated […]