Representations of Global Femininity/Masculinity in Contemporary Media

Introduction The change in time and events from a conventional world to one that is sophisticated and modern has been accompanied by changes in representation of masculinity and femininity. This is with regard to how the contemporary media represents both man and woman and its position on this. Contrary to the conventional style of representation […]

Bottled Water Environmental Impact

Abstract An entrenched belief in people’s minds that bottled water is superior to tap water has triggered a chain of environmental and cultural challenges to policy makers and environmentalists in conserving the environment and while ensuring quality water for consumers. The problem of disposing water bottles by enforcing policies for responsible waste bottle disposal, alternative […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Presentation Aids in Group Presentations

Introduction Presentations are an integral part of communicating in a group setting. In making presentations, the use of presentation aids has been seen to contribute to the effectiveness of the presentation process. Owing to their great success in enhancing the presentation efforts, presentation aids have become so prevalent that sometimes they are seen to be […]

Creative Thinking

The metaphorical approach to thinking, denoted as creative thinking is an approach that elicits action in an individual at the advent of a powerful idea. It is a critical component that influences the critical thinking style. Creative thinking gives birth to the knowledge required for critical thinking. The basis of critical thinking is creative thinking. […]

Employment Relations Issues: Discrimination in New Zealand’s Work Place

Introduction Over the past few centuries, the human civilization has advanced tremendously giving rise to significant social and economic changes. This has resulted most notably in the creation of a large group of working class members of the society and their employers. It is this class that has been primarily responsible for the creation of […]

Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock: The Revolutionary Modern Artists

Introduction Art has played a pivotal role in helping to enhance people’s lives from generation to generation. Artists have been instrumental not only in expressing the culture of people but also in transforming it. As a result, art is now regarded a part of our daily lives. Artwork is evident in various aspects of our […]