Social Responsibility

This is a theory or ideology that states an individual, manager, has the obligation to perform actions that are of benefit or profit to the society as well as the organization. While ethical responsibility has it that an individual ought to be a good citizen, social responsibility has its focus on the individual being a […]

Themes in Native American Tricksters

Abstract Although the Native American trickster narratives are short and uncomplicated, each tale exemplifies an entire way of life. When put in their literary context, the plainness of the stories actually carries deeper meanings. Although the Native American people do not share a unified body of mythology, all the different trickster tales convey life lessons […]


1. Introduction This essay discusses the life of Pocahontas, mainly the contributions she made in creating a good relationship between her nation and that of the Englishmen who came from Scandinavia as colonists. Pocahontas was a daughter to a Powhatan paramount chief; it is claimed that she was very close to her father. Though her […]

New York Times company overview

Company Overview The New York Times Company (NYT), formed on 1896, is a diversified media company that has stake in newspaper, Internet business, paper mills, and others (NYT, 2010). In 14 January 1969, NYT’s stock was first listed on American Stock Exchange (NYT, 2011). Throughout the 1980 to 2010 NYT expanded aggressively through series of […]

Political Theories of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

In post-war America, fight against racism threatened to turn the country upside down. The struggle reached crescendo in the 1960s and in the midst of it all were two charismatic and articulate leaders in the person of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. They were similar and different in so many ways. Their differences […]

Customer Service at WestJet

WestJet Airline was founded in 1994 in Canada as a low-cost carrier (Mark and Crossan 60). At the moment, WestJet provides charter and scheduled air services to over 71 destinations within Canada, Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean. WestJet is ranked as the second largest air carrier in Canada, after Air Canada. WestJet carries […]