Research Methodology Concept

Introduction to Background of Research Methodology Research Methodology is a structure or plan for the study that directs the entire process of data collection and analysis of data. Research can be defined as a scientific mode of solving problems through adopting logical steps. Research methodology is valuable in explaining the process and product of scientific […]

Information Systems for Brotherhood of St Laurence and Somerville Retail Services

Abstract Information System (IS) is an essential component in the running and management of organizations in the modern world. The main issue discussed on this paper is how organizations incorporate IT into their IS plans to improve their productivity. The literature that was covered in this paper state that IT has become an essential component […]


Introduction Emiratisation is a nationalistic strategy which has been adopted by the government of the United Arab Emirates to employ its citizens in a meaningful and efficient manner in the public and private sector with a chief aim of utilizing country’s human resources optimally in the economic process and to transfer skills and knowledge from […]

Multicultural Teams and Their Leadership

Introduction As a result of globalization, many organizations are employing people from different countries in order to pool resources and boost their operational efficiency. However, documented literature indicates that having a culturally diverse team presents numerous challenges based on language differences, communication issues, different working techniques and conflict resolution mechanisms (Gibson & Vermeulen, 2003). If […]

Property Management Systems (Hospitality Industry)

Introduction Property Management Systems (PMSs) are essential tools in the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry is complex and has numerous challenges. Reservations, customer care and administration of hotels and resorts offer challenges that the management must confront in order to attain customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability of the establishments (O’Connor, 2004). For this reason, PMSs are […]

Formative and Summative Roles

Formative and Summative Techniques to Be Applied In the selection of a viable method for assessment, and the feedback that will be given thereof, the formative and summative roles will apply the increasingly popular computer-based test known as cloud computing. Generally speaking, cloud computing simply refers to a service mostly conducted over the internet with […]

Ethical Issues in Online Learning

Online education is a common form of learning today. Learners are now benefitting from online learning process without having to go to school. Online learning has been promoted by modern technologies. These technologies include computers, smart phones and the internet. However, this promising innovation has its own set of challenges. The issue of identity is […]

Education Studies: Research Design

Introduction Most people assume that their own views of the world are logically consistent. In this regard, human aspirations create a mutual cooperation between scientific and worldview theories. Towards this, subjectivists’ perspective of the reality focuses on the significance of understanding the process through which people fix their relationship to the world. The research strategies […]

Potential Reduction in Irrigation Water Through the Use of Water-Absorbent Polymers in Agriculture in UAE

Introduction Water is a very essential element in life. Several challenges can lead to water scarcity. Rainfall cannot be fully relied on as the main source of water. Due to the challenges posed by water scarcity, new innovations continue to be made as means of combating water scarcity in many regions of the world. Super […]

Language Role in Cultural Communication

Introduction Language is one of the most important aspects of culture since it facilitates understanding among members. Language offers meaning to events and situations implying that each language has its own dynamics (Clark 1996, p. 87). In a culture, language permits individuals to view things from a similar perspective, comprehend societal rules and regulations, reproduce […]

Teaching Web Design in Secondary School Classroom

Introduction Teaching Web design in secondary school can present significant challenges. However, the need for Web sites among organizations makes it a worthy learning course. This is because most contents formerly available in other forms are now online. Web design students and teachers should demonstrate skills in graphic, photography, and art among others. The three […]

How do Migration and Urbanization Bring About Urban Poverty in Developing Countries?

Introduction Urbanization is the increase in the urban share of the total population. A report given by The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) states that urbanization has rapidly increased in Africa and Asia since the year 2000 (UNFPA, 2007). The report says this population will duplicate by the year 2030 and many of the new […]

High Level Autistic Disorder

Introduction High-level autistic disorder is an acute developmental disability that starts at birth or within a child’s early years of being. It is also known as Autism. It is the consequence of a neurological disorder that alters the functioning of the brain. This causes impediments or difficulties in many distinct skills from childhood to adulthood. […]

Diversity Practices in Business

Diversity Analysis Business, Law and Ethical practices are the main motivation behinds any organization’s desire to develop an efficient diversity program. Failure to have a good diversity program in the organization is likely to lead to expensive consequences such as discrimination suits. Organizational culture analysis happens so that the organization is able to initiate and […]

Ideologies in Newspaper Writing

Literature Review Ideology is a rationality of thoughts that presents a foundation for structured political action. Ideology determines the ability of achieving projected conservation, transformation or toppling the available system of power. According to Mannheim (1996), people’s ideas, are fashioned by their material and social statuses. Ideologies have a belief system that serves to preserve […]

Factors Critical to the Implementation of Second Order Change

Introduction Change is inevitable. Different scholarly sources define change in over thirty different ways. According to Nayar (2010, p. 2), change can also mean transformation, turning to a different format, to replace or to substitute. Leaders from all fields including, academia, business, and politics are increasing touting changes in the various systems that they represent. […]

Labor Dispute between the Board Of Education and the Union Representing the Teachers in Danville, Illinois

Introduction In 2010, there was witnessed one of the biggest labor conflicts in history. Public school teachers and support staff of public schools in Illinois state, the city of Danville went on strike. The conflict was between the Danville Education Association (DEA) and the Danville Consolidated School District 118 Board of Education. The main reason […]

Criminal Justice

Introduction The contemporary society experiences a huge burden that is linked to crime and violence alongside the negative consequences on the quality of life that people live. There are several impacts of crime such as reduced lifespan, intense fear of insecurity and lack of social comfort as well as reduced working hours due to less […]

Key Success Factors of the Global Online Fashion Business

Introduction ASOS has developed greatly since its inception in year 2000. In its early years of operation, the online fashion store was dealing with products that had been inspired by celebrities such as ephemera and other design products (Alexander, 2010). Adoption of growth strategy and launching of Marketplace in its website has significantly increased its […]

Self-Injury Discussion

Introduction What is self-injury? Self-injury is defined as an act of causing injury to ones own body with the use of an object like knife and laser, arrows and panga among others. Self-injury is in other words referred to as self-abuse, self-mutilation, self-inflicted violence and Para suicide. Self-injury behavior include burning, cutting, hair pulling, scratching, […]

Leadership in Military

Introduction For military to be successful in their endeavors, military service needs leaders who are not only agile in their analysis, but also innovative in the development of new solutions to the complex challenges. As such, military leaders should be academically qualified to lead such significant and racial diverse institution (Richardson 2005, 36). Effective military […]

Future Challenges to the Field of Professional Psychology

Professional psychology has undergone significant challenges that should be taken into consideration to face those efficiently. These challenges are primarily predetermined by such processes as globalization and technological advancement. Within the context of globalization, shift from a mental health professional to a primary health care provider is necessary to pay more attention to cultural and […]

Title VII of the Constitution

Title VII is a chapter in the constitution that prevents employers from discriminating workers based on their religious affiliations. The constitution prevents employers from discriminating employees based on their religious practices and beliefs. The law demands that employers must respect the religious views of employees in the organization. However, the law does not prevent religious […]

Palm’s Feedback Loops and Organizational Learning Opportunities

Introduction An organization has numerous constituent parts, which are finance, marketing and personnel departments. The above functional departments interact in the course of daily operations of the organization. An organization is a subsystem of a larger system within the community. System methodology assists in analysing the effects of interactions between organization and the surrounding, how […]

Differentiated Instruction

Introduction Differentiated instruction entails giving students unlike avenues to gain content, develop, build, find the meaning of ideas, and construct teaching stuff to ensure that every student in a classroom learns efficiently, irrespective of differences in capability (Ellis, Gable, Greg, & Rock, 2008, pp. 31-37). Differentiated instruction is the practice of making sure that the […]