Dairy Queen Blizzard Marketing Portfolio

Introduction Dairy Queen is an organization that develops services and licenses. It’s based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The blizzard was made available in the organization in 1985. Given its coldness, the blizzard is used during summer. Some of the challenges that the organization has encountered include lack of satisfaction in products and services, lack of matching […]


Sources of Business Start-up capital When starting a new business, there are different sources of funding, however every source has its own advantage and disadvantage, the following are the main sources of business startup capital and their rationale: Personal savings and borrowing from friends and relatives: this approach happens mostly with small-scale businesses whose capital […]

Conrad Hilton: Understanding the Hotelier & his Contributions to the Hospitality Industry

Scholars and practitioners are in agreement that the modern hotel and hospitality industry would not have attained its present status had it not been for the dedicated and passionate contribution of a number of its founders, one of them going by the name of Conrad Hilton. Indeed, Conrad is perceived by many renowned hoteliers of […]

THE GLASS MENAGERIE: How Laura’s relationship with Jim changed the tone of the play

Introduction The Glass Menagerie play was written by Tennessee Williams. Born in 1911 in Mississippi, Williams lived in Tennessee as well as Mississippi until their family moved to St. Louis. The play seems to draw parallel with Williams’ own family, whose lifestyle was almost like that of the Wingfield family. During his time as a […]