Has the European Integration Process since 1950s Reflect Carl Schmitt’s Critique on Universalism? Research Paper

Introduction In the course of history, the basis of political universalism has been on the assumption that human beings are no longer plausible. The arguments supporting universalism have for a long time taken lightly the common core of humanity that surpasses every social or historical context. Universalist critics argue on the basis of the complicated […]

Analysis of Walmart and Carrefour Research Paper

Wal-Mart Store, Inc was branded as Walmart in 2008. It is an American multinational retailer corporation that operates chains of discount department stores as well as warehouse stores. It is ranked as the 18 largest public corporations worldwide. It is regarded as the largest retailer in the world and the biggest private employer with over […]

Public policy evaluation Research Paper

Introduction Public Policy Strategies (PPS) refer to an agency that promotes public affairs and communication services. Its head quarters are in San Diego. It focuses on crisis management, campaigning of public policies, as well as the government affairs. The agency has tailored its strategic solutions in order to suit their clients (Dye, 2010). Currently, they […]

Managers in the Barclays Bank Research Paper

Introduction An individual can construe the word organization in many ways. In this paper, two definitions will be provided. One of the meanings is related to human organization and the other is linked to material organization. An organization is defined within the context of business meaning that without commerce, an organization would not exit. Barclays […]

Are Children Smarter Because of the Internet? Research Paper

Introduction The advent of the Internet elicited both support and reservations almost in equal measure. The debate has gone a notch higher in particular over its use among children. The Internet can be regarded as an essential element in virtually all aspects of life and children have not been left out (Cho and Cheon, 2005; […]

The influx of wireless technologies in organizations Research Paper

Introduction The advent of wireless communication and mobile technologies played a significant role in enhancing mobility during communication, which is gradually becoming a primary necessity for organizations due to the nature of the present business environment that is based on the global environment (Basole, 2008). It implies that wireless communication and mobile technologies are essential […]