Private equity firms, equity markets and capital structure inefficiencies Research Paper

Introduction Almost every economic transactions taking place around the world involve private equity. For example, all new transactions conducted by major corporations around the world must in one way or the other encompasses private equity. Private equity firms have evolved to be prominent in the recent years such that the funds they offer to other […]

Walls Research Paper

Introduction A wall is understood as a solid structure that serves to define a particular boundary or offer protection of a particular zone. Walls can be building or separation. Separation walls can be either solid wall, line or a fence that are meant to prevent the movement of people from one state or empire to […]

Change management Research Paper

Change management is a logical and structured approach to transitioning both in individual or organizational levels from their current state that is desired in future. It is a process that is aimed at aiding employees in an organization to embrace and accept transition in the business environment they are in (Hiatt 2010). There are three […]

Financial Management Research Paper

Introduction Growth in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in both the 20th and 21st centuries has been phenomenal. Since the discovery of the computer and subsequent development of cyber space, nearly every aspect of human life has been transformed. It is now easier for people thousands of miles away to communicate instantly, people conduct business […]