Research in Organizational Culture, the Organizational Environment and Managing Organizations in a Global Environment

Introductions It is important for managers of organizations operating in different economic sectors to create conducive working environment for their workforce. To ensure such environment Anca &Vega (2007) argue that a certain degree of flexibility in the firm should be integrated in order to guarantee that employees are able to work to their maximum potential […]

Problems in Thailand

Introduction Thailand is a country in south Asia with a kingdom constitutional monarchy government. Geographically, it is one of the biggest countries and ranked 50th largest in the world. Its capital city is Bangkok and its main foreign exchange earner and flourishing sector is tourism. The three main problems in Thailand are environmental issues, child […]

Economic Development in Indonesia

Introduction In the 1960s, the economy of Indonesia deteriorated due to political instability. This led to increased poverty and hunger. In the mid 1960’s the economy was in bad shape with 1000% inflation, minimal investment, low export revenues, poor infrastructure and companies were operating at a very low capacity. When the president Sukarno failed the […]

The Power of Rewards at Industry International

Introduction The following paper provides a case study of the chapter “The Power of Rewards at Industry International” from the perspective of strategic organizational communication and how it applied in this instance (Conrad & Poole 2005). The case study provides a definition of strategic organizational communication and highlights the organizational structure that the company Industry […]

Foods that are being served to our youth in the school systems

Introduction Healthy eating is the biggest contributing factor to an individual’s well being and it is associated with an increased quality of life as well as longer life expectancy. For children and adolescents, schools play a major role in molding their eating habits. Research revealed that in 2004, more than half of school-aged children received […]