Sigmund Freud: On Human Nature

According to Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic investigation, the human nature comprises of some deep characteristics which yearn to satisfy certain needs and impulses such as aggression, ego that drives him towards pleasurable experiences, the need for love and avoidance of pain in all areas of life. The impulses are considered to lead either towards good or […]

Power and Systems Transformation in a New World: Overview of the Topic

Transformation of powers and systems in the new world has been evidenced since the 21st century and many dimensions have been advanced to explain the change. Because of this transformation, many nation-states have emerged, some of which stand to date but others have collapsed out of the same pressures. However, preceding the emergence of nation-states, […]

Marketing the Human Microchip

Current Marketing Situation Current marketing situation is characterized by rising demand for the microchip particularly in the medical industry. The demand for the product is exponential given a statistical demand analysis for the product. However, it’s worth noting that most of the products are produced by well positioned companies in the market and the ability […]

Finish dishwater tablets 25 Pack

Introduction of the Company The company involved in the manufacturing of the “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack” is a soap and detergent company. The main aim of this product is to satisfy consumers’ need for an efficient tablet they could use for treating water used in cleaning utensils and other household materials. However, consumers look […]

Unethical and ethical issues in the prison system

Introduction Every society usually has criminals or people who go against set rules and regulations. Prisons are mostly put in place so that such people can be confined therein for various reasons. This includes ensuring that inmates get corrected and also to protect the public from their crime. Prisons have been there since time in […]