Why Knowledge Management is important to the Success of Organizations Research Paper

Knowledge management involves the combination of different processes and strategies within an organization which integrates data and information technology as well as distributing of employees’ potential to help the organization achieve its objectives. It is very important for the organizations if they want to succeed in their operations. The type of knowledge management program depends […]

Environmental Studies Research Paper Research Paper

Situation 1- Remediation of PCBs in Sandy Soils Through Incineration Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are deposited within the soils because of man made activities that are carried out on the soil surface depositing several harmful compounds. Their presence in the soil can have negative consequences for the environment, which can portend harmful environmental health for all […]

Knowledge management Research Paper

Introduction Topics that revolve around management science, economics and information systems focus on knowledge as the most valuable asset for the organization, in the knowledge based economy. Information systems are regarded as tools for converting knowledge into valuable industrial commodities. The adoption of the internet technologies towards the end of the twentieth century sent local […]

Addressing the Impacts of Undergraduates’ Engagement in Community Service on Stakeholders Research Paper

Introduction Background Information Community service as a concept has gained popularity throughout the world for various reasons. Perold & Rahmat (1997:14) are of the view that this concept is gaining popularity in discourses taking place throughout the world. This is especially the case in community development discussions. Bryant & West (2011) views community service as […]

Danish Aid to Africa: Implication for Civil Society & Democracy Research Paper

Intrudaction Denmark has put in place initiatives, policies, and programs aimed at improving the welfare of the developing and undeveloped countries in the world. As a result, Denmark is ranked as the world’s largest donor country for offering the highest aid to third world countries. The main beneficiaries of this donor aid are the countries […]

Language and Memory Research Paper

The Nature and Function of Semantic Memory The area of semantic memory involves stored information regarding the features and characteristics, which determine the processes of retrieving, using, and producing information in various cognitive processes such as thought and language comprehension/production (Martin & Chao, 2001, p. 194). In the period before the development of mechanisms for […]