Islam Relationships with the West

Introduction Islam is one of the major religious groups spread all over the world. Just like most religious groups derive their principles from holy books, Islam also follow their principles as enshrined in their holy book, which is known as the Qur’an. The devotees of this holy book deem it the word of Allah. Moreover, […]

The Role of Capacity Management in Hospitality

A number of industries with a global dimension have embarked on serious capacity management approaches. Hospitality and tourism industries have been more concerned with enhancing capacity management with an aim of regulating demand and supply of their services (Pullman & Rodgers, 2009). Several socio-economic factors play a major role in shaping the supply and demand […]

How do service organizations achieve alignment?

Introduction In the fast-paced, ever-changing world, organizations are continually seeking ways to gain and maintain competitive advantage. Though there’s no single thing that makes an organization successful, no secret element, some concepts do universally apply. One fundamental is to create a foundation for success by ensuring alignment in organization dynamic relative to strategy, design, actions, […]

Seeking Philosophical Problems

Abstract Philosophical problems are solved by thinking critically, unlike scientific experiments and mathematical equations, which give the undisputable results and solutions to their respective problems. In this essay, the writer argues whether all varied philosophical responses to a philosophical problem or question are valid or if a solution can be preferably accepted more than others […]

Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga Book series and movies versus the Vampire Diaries and True Blood Introduction and background The twilight saga is a series of films based on romance and fantasy produced by summit entertainment. The series is based on some very successful series of novels by an American, Stephenie Meyer. The twilight series of novels has […]

International Cooperation can only be materialized through International Institutions

Introduction International relation is the study of relationships that exist between countries and the role played by governmental and non governmental bodies. It is a branch of political science that deals with analyzing and formulating foreign policy between different states. International relations also try to explain the kind of cooperation that exists between nations and […]