Evidence of Increased Cremation in the Traditional Funeral and Post-Burial Rites in Taiwan

Introduction Cremation has, and will continue to become increasingly accepted in the Chinese island of Taiwan due to land shortage as a result of population explosion and high costs. As it is not a traditional practice in Chinese culture, cremation is currently rationalized in the Hindu-Buddhist context by emphasizing the reclamation of bones for secondary […]


Introduction Fashion can be viewed as the prevailing style or a custom in a specific period of time. Over the years, fashions have been an order of the day. Many eras have come and passed each with its unique fashions; this is more so in the case of dress. One design or style may be […]

Development of Adolescent Mentoring Programs

Abstract For many years, the role of young men in teenage pregnancies has been neglected as much attention has been paid to the girls. Due to this neglect, many teenage fathers do not take responsibility for their children leaving it all to the teenage mothers. They have also been involved directly in abortion cases as […]

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is located at Hawaii. This is a lagoon that was used as the main base by the US army. It forms one of the strongest US military bases. Pearl Harbor is very significant in the history of the World War II because it is the place where the war started. This was back […]

The Enlightment

Introduction During the middle ages, Europe experienced a dogmatic style of leadership from the church and state respectively. The Catholic Church was then an established church thus making Christianity the prevailing religion in Europe. The state, on the other hand, was governed by monarchs. These two established institutions had an overwhelming authority. While the church […]

Culture Shock

Abstract Culture shock results when a person finds it challenging to adapt to a new culture. If not managed, culture shock can lead to low productivity among staff and even health complications and stress. Globalization has enhanced international trade and increased the frequency of employee movements around the world and having to adjust to the […]