Disaster and Emergency Management: The Use of Military During Disaster Response

One of the most peculiar characteristics of today’s living is the fact that, as time goes on; there appears to be more and more incidents of American military being called upon to assist people, affected by natural/man-made disasters in U.S. and abroad. The validity of this suggestion can be well illustrated in regards to the […]

Professional Development for Strategic Managers: Up the Ladder to Complete Success

Executive Summary Self-development as a businessman and a leader is one of the issues on the agenda of the present-day entrepreneurship. The given paper is a continuation of the research in which the personal and professional assets of the research author have been evaluated. Offering a cohesive analysis of the above-mentioned results, the paper provides […]

How is Silvio Berlusconi Perceived and Portrayed by the International Media?

Introduction Born in 1936, Silvio Berlusconi has become one of the most controversial leaders in Italy’s government, in recent times. Initially, Berlusconi was a businessman with large business holdings and substantial influence in international media. To many, he was regarded as a political amateur who achieved his political office through his influence on the media. […]

The Future of ICD-10 in America’s Healthcare System

Abstract In 2014, the US is set revolutionize its healthcare industry. On the 1st of August, the country is expected to make major changes in its healthcare information management system. The change will be marked by the introduction of International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10). The new system will replace the existing ninth revision. […]

Difficulties That Children Face and the Possible Solutions to the Emerging Problems Post Divorce

The Children of Divorce: the Current Situation The Statistic Data on the Children of Divorce Because of the difficulties that the children of the modern society are experiencing in the family relationships, most of these children, according to the recent researches, are bound to suffer from the complexes that root from the past during the […]

Vegetation Recovery Using Remote Sensing Image In Yellowstone National Park after the Fires in 1988

Literature Review The Connection between Vegetation Recovery and Burning Severity of Fires Before analyzing the images produced by means of remote sensing, it is necessary to analyze the aspects and criteria according to which the images can detect various patterns of vegetation recovery after the fire. Specifically, much research has been done on the analysis […]

Technology Evolution

The modern society is being greatly reshaped by the rapid developments in information technologies where it is evident that computers, telecommunications networks, and other related digital systems have combined to increase people’s capacity to know, achieve, and even collaborate (I. T. L. Education Solutions Limited, 2009). The presence of these technologies has motivated people to […]

The Procedures and Methods of Conducting Interviews

After the analysis of student course evaluations at Green Valley Community College has shown an unfortunate trend of a slight decrease in dropout rates and students complaints referred mainly to the absence of technology in the classroom activities, the educators were involved into the profession development sessions for enhancing their awareness of the possible methods […]

Ethics Evaluation

Introduction Allegations of corruption mean different things to different people. Traditionally, has been defined as the use of position or status for personal gain. This could be in the form of an economic or other favors which may include sexual favors, among others (Martinelli & Thomas, 2006). This means that corruption is a form of […]

Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Canada’s growth may be attributed to the service industry that employs two thirds of the country’s population. Its key industries include manufacturing, energy, agriculture, fishing, electricity, forestry, automotive, airspace, social programs, transportation and tourism (Wehinger, 2010 p. 67). Canada’s economic statistics Its GDP was calculated to be$ 1.839trillion in 2013 Its GDP growth was rated […]

US Border Protection and Drug Policy

Abstract The United States of America has always given special priority to the homeland security. The U.S. Border Patrol is the primary governmental authority responsible for border control of lands and ports. However, the U.S. Military Forces take the active part in the so-called supporting Border Patrol in executing their functions. Since the 1960s, the […]

Economies of Greece

Introduction Greece is a capitalist economy, which is comprised of different economic sectors. The public sector accounts for approximately 40% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Moreover, the country’s per capita GDP is approximately 75% of the leading economies in the Eurozone. The tourism sector accounts for 18% of the country’s GDP. The country’s […]

Sexuality in the Life of St. Augustine

Introduction Among the early Christian theologians, St. Augustine ranks as one of the greatest of all times. Even now, his initial ideas on marriage and sexuality have had considerable effects on Protestants and Catholics. Therefore, it is important to offer an analysis and review of his marriage and sexuality ideas. Augustine’s perspective of sexuality according […]

Curriculum Evaluation

Admittedly, a good plan helps to reach the major goals. A good plan enables to see the entire process divided into necessary steps. It goes without saying that education is a lasting process which requires thoughtful planning. Thus, curriculum is one of the main tools which serve to outline the entire process. Many scholars have […]

Important Concepts for Engineering Managers to Make Right Decisions

Engineering Managers and Organizations The success of any organization is heavily dependent on its management. The style deployed by managers has a direct effect on the employees. Managers decide the direction of the organization, as they are the decision makers. Engineering management can be defined as a specific form of administration relevant to engineering due […]

Macroeconomic Policies

An overview of the crisis and its impacts The 2008 global recession hit hard at many developed economies, of which, the United Kingdom is included (United Nations, 2009, p.39). Primarily, there was noticeable instability that diffused in a multiple sectors such as housing, banking, financial markets and then into all the other sectors. The crisis […]

Leadership, Power, and Management

Abstract This paper provides insight into leadership, power, and management with a view of determining the best approaches to improved employee performance. Most leadership approaches used in modern organizations either promote or hamper employee performance and task proficiency. The modern world has witnessed rigorous dynamism and complexity as employee responsibilities grow less formalized and increasingly […]

Diversity in the Workplace Within the Department of Health

Executive Summary This term paper provides insight into diversity in the workplace as it relates to leadership and human resource management within the department of health. Various issues associated with workplace diversity in the healthcare system can also be viewed in terms of gender, position, ranking, and employee background. Most healthcare systems yearn for leadership […]

Animals as Symbols of the Human Behaviour

Introduction Non-human creatures are interesting, especially when playwrights and filmmakers deploy them to represent human characters. The use of animals is common in literature materials, especially those that target youngsters. These writings offer amusement and moral lessons to their readers. Such lessons are important in terms of boostingthe readers’ maturation and/or highlightingways of tackling various […]

Psychology Diverse Nature

Abstract This paper will focus on the diverse nature of psychology and some important concepts associated with this field of study. In a bid to understand the diverse nature of psychology, two subcategories and examples will be analyzed. In addition, the major subtopics such as cognitive and behavioral psychology will be examined. This study will […]

Digital Evidence Presentation

Introduction The world today is characterized by advancing technologies. The amount of information generated, stored, and distributed using electronic means on a daily basis keeps on increasing. As a result, agencies concerned with security and other regulations have to constantly gather digital evidence to use for law enforcement. Only people with specific training for digital […]

The Iridium Constellation Project

Introduction and Summary At the end of the 20th century, when the impending alterations to the existing concept of communication seemed inevitable, the Iridium Project was conjured. In order to advance the specified realm and promote more efficient communication, the project creators attempted at building a satellite network that would permit telephone transmission of all […]

Inflation in the 1970s

Monetary policy During inflation, the economy overheats, as the aggregate demand surpasses the level of economic growth. Thereby, the central bank plays a major role in employing the monetary policy, which encourages more saving than spending (Barsky and Lutz 18). The most appropriate method is increasing interest rates, where, borrowing becomes very expensive, and people […]

Business Partners, LLC

Introduction Strategic management comprises a critical component in an organization’s quest to achieve business excellence. Thus, it is imperative for organizational managers to consider the environment in their strategic management context. According to Faulkner and Campbell, the strategic environment comprises diverse environments, viz. the firm, the competitive environment, business unit environment, and the industry environment […]

Aramark Global Analysis

Aramark Global Analysis Aramark Corporation (hereunder Aramark) is an American-owned business, which has so far established its operations in 22 countries all over the world. In its website, Aramark indicates that it offers services in different sectors, which include business and industry, healthcare, sports, entertainment, higher education, and apparel (Aramark, 2014a). Aramark is an international […]

Policy Responses during the Great Recession

Introduction The great recession of 2008 led to monetary and fiscal policy responses to end the recession and prevent similar occurrences. Many policy responses were unconventional at the time of their proposal and enactment. They gained popularity because of the need for a solution in the shortest time possible. After implementing the policies, countries and […]

Race Relations

Introduction Race relations in the United States reflects the colonial and slave era when discrimination against some races was prevalent. The issue of prejudice against Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, and African Americans has taken place over the years. The marginalized groups do not exercise their basic rights, which include civil, social, economic, and […]

Public Meeting

Public meetings make it easier for societies to come up with the best solutions to their problems. The purpose of public meetings is to address certain challenges affecting different communities. They encourage more people to come together and express their opinions. The targeted public meeting focused on the issue of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). The […]

Economic Development Incentives

Description of the issue selected Economic development incentives refer to the inducement policies offered by governments to appeal or maintain local and foreign investors (Long 45). Incentives range from a number of policy forms. Notably, the forms center on tax inducements and infrastructure developments (Aronson 67). The types of incentives offered vary based on the […]