Mathematics and Music

Scholars have attempted to understand the relationship between mathematics and music for many years. People in the field of music can readily understand the definite relationship between mathematics and music. In fact, some studies suggest that mathematics is in every field of study. Harmonic rations dominated music during the Pythagorean times. Studies have identified the […]

Supreme Court Case

Introduction The case Reynolds v. Sims (1964) appealed from the U.S. District Court. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the Alabama District Court due to the inadequate apportionment of the population voters. In the majority of cases, district voters should be equally allocated to permit everyone to quote equally. According to the Alabama constitution, each […]

Behavioral Theoretical Perspective

Human behavior has been a focal area in psychology that has attracted many psychologists. In trying to explain human behavior, several behavioral theorists have developed theories that explain why people behave in certain ways. This paper first identifies some theorists who have contributed to behavioral approach and then compares and contrasts the perspectives of B.F. […]

Skinner’s Theory of Radical Behaviorism

Human beings are quite complex and understanding the real cause of their behavior can be a daunting task for a layman. In a bid to understand the dynamics of human actions, psychological studies were introduced in institutions of higher learning to shed light on the intricacies surrounding human thoughts. Several psychologists emerged in the early […]

Ethics in Computer Technology: Cybercrimes

Introduction Ethics are moral philosophies that guide every society. These philosophies differ from one society to another such that what is regarded as good in one society may be regarded as bad in another (Mizzoni 8). The world has experienced technological revolution over the last couple of decades. Technology has advanced rapidly during this period […]

The Impact of Battle of Iwo Jima

Introduction The Second World War is rightfully regarded as the most devastating battle in modern history and it involved almost all nations of the world. The United States joined the battle at a relatively later stage and engaged in a number of significant battles against the Axis Alliance in both Europe and Asia. One of […]