Reasons why developing software for wireless devices is challenging

Developing software for wireless devices is challenging for a number of reasons. One of the reasons arises from the fact that the various components of the wireless mobile devices are relatively small (Mahmoud, 2002, para. 7). This means that developing the software requires the developers to constraint themselves in accordance with the device. For example, […]

History of Single Parenthood and the Economic Implication of Being a Single Parent

Introduction In today’s society, single mothers are not viewed as a marginal group although they still face many challenges as they try to fit in the society. They still face some injustices, for instance, double discrimination in the labor market and family policy. As women, the single mothers are discriminated against in the labor market […]

Choosing a Non-Anthropocentric Value Theory for Environmental Ethics

In this paper, I will briefly set up Callicott’s project by highlighting his main arguments in his article. Further, I will argue that Callicott is right in preferring the Hume/Darwin/Leopold Land Ethic value theory for environmental ethics over Theism and Holistic Rationalism. I will do this by arguing that human activities cause major environmental destructions […]

Masjid – i – Nuh Gunbad at Balkh. History, Desoghn and Architecture.

Beginning with the 4th century BC, Afghanistan survived many invasions. It was occupied by Alexander the Great, Batrichian Greek, Persia and other countries (Fletcher and Cruickshank 649). So, it is no wonder that the country absorbed the elements of culture of its invaders and transformed them in its architectural buildings. The Islamic architecture is famous […]