Jarir Bookstore Term Paper

Individual Project Introduction The government of Saudi Arabia adopted a new labor in 2012 that compels companies in the private sector to employ more Saudis than foreigners. The government adopted the new law in order to reduce the high unemployment rate in the country. However, the law is expected to have significant effects in various […]

Treatment Factors that Affect Adolescent Substance Treatment Placement Term Paper

Introduction Adolescence is an important period of individual growth and development in which people go through remarkable physical, psychological, social, and biological changes as they near adulthood. These changes take place concurrently without the knowledge of the individuals undergoing the changes. The changes as well as the psychosocial factors revolving around the adolescents make them […]

Argentina’s Financial Crisis: A Critical Review of Causes and Effects Term Paper

Introduction Argentina’s severe financial crisis in December 2001 gave rise to the largest sovereign debt default in history. The financial crisis stemmed from many factors, but predominantly due to overvalued currency. The move was made by the currency board. The crisis was also attributed to inapt fiscal measures undertaken by the government. According to Knoop, […]

Photography: Jimmy Nelson’s Piece of Art Term Paper

Introduction The subject of this analytical paper is a photograph of a warrior from a tribe in East Africa, the Maasai, which photographer Jimmy Nelson took as part of his collection of photographs in the book, Before They Pass Away. The photograph, which features on the book’s cover, possesses certain features that make it stand […]

Origins of the Cold War Term Paper

Introduction The Cold War was the repercussion of World War II following the emergence of two key supremacy blocs in Europe one of which was subjugated by ideologies of the democracy of the capitalist America. The other one was led by communism and the Soviet Union ideologies. The two blocs never involved themselves in actual […]