Modern Libya’s History Term Paper

Libya is an African country located on the northern part of the continent bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It covers about 1,760,000 square kilometers most of which is desert and semi desert respectively. Libya gained its independence in September 1951 after being ruled by the British and the French administration for almost an entire decade. Libya […]

Bipolar disorder Term Paper

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression during its discovery, affects millions of lives today. Living with this disease can be life changing, leaving the victim feeling isolated with no knowledge on how to cope or why one has such raging emotions and fear that can lead to an outburst of depression, sadness and some cases […]

Effectiveness of correctional services in reducing recidivism Term Paper

The phenomenon of youth who repeatedly engage in criminal behavior is common in the society. Youth who repeatedly commit crimes are known as re-offenders, while the repetition of crimes by youth is technically referred to as juvenile recidivism. The study of juvenile recidivism has attracted substantial attention from scholars, especially psychologists, because the youth are […]

Apple Computer: The Twenty-First Century Innovator Term Paper

Brief History of the Industry Computers were invented due to man’s quest to tinker on many things. Calculators as counting machines were the first to be invented. Early humans used manual calculators to help in counting and calculation. Early tools used pebbles and sticks to help in the counting process. The method of calculation uses […]

Aviation maintenance and production planning in the air force Term Paper

Abstract Maintenance and production planning remains to be a relevant aspect of any organization that deals directly with any form of technology. This paper explores the maintenance and production planning in the air force. It explores the different types of maintenance applied in the day to day maintenance of air force equipment in readiness for […]