Hitler’s Rise to Power

Introduction Hitler had unexceptional political vocation in World War I. However, by 1930s, he had turned out to be a powerful person in Germany. There is no specific factor that can be attributed to the rise of Hitler, but a variety of factors that happened either subsequently or concurrently. Investigators responded to queries concerning aspects […]

Kinetic Xbox

Executive Summary Kinetic Xbox is a system that uses infrared translates 3D body motion to control video games. Rare and prime sense companies because of technological competition in the Microsoft world introduced the product. Bill Gates and Paul Allen following a series of revolution of innovations founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975 and introduced its second […]

Child Rearing Among Immigrant Communities

Introduction Children require positive experiences as they grow in order to enhance their self esteem, health and transition into adulthood. Child rearing practices differ substantially across families in North America especially because a vast number of parents are immigrants. It is crucial to analyze child rearing values and approaches in these minority groups because it […]

The Nature of the Distinct Contributions Made by Government, Media Owners, and Journalists to Canada’s Media Environment

Introduction The government, media owners and journalists play a very vital role in ensuring smooth running and existence of a specific environment in the media industry. Each of them plays specific roles that go hand in hand for the proper coordination of the industry. This paper will look into each stakeholder roles played by each […]

United Nations Human Rights Council

Introduction The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is an inter-governmental organization and an organ of the United Nations; all members of the United Nations members are members of UNHRC, the council seat, however, has a membership of 47 countries and it is charged with the responsibility of promoting and protecting human rights across the […]

Emile Durkheim and His Philosophy

According to Jones (1986), “Emile Durkheim was born on April 15, 1858 at Épinal, Vosges, in Lorraine, France” (P 1)1. He was an intelligent, academically astute student who received numerous awards and honors. Some of his early achievements were; baccalaureates in Letters received in 1874, baccalaureates in Sciences in 1875, and a high distinction in […]