Post-College Existence: Absurd or Ambiguous?

Though humans never know their future, they are inclined to make certain forecasts. Before graduating from college, students can make plans concerning their future job and way of life. Individual’s philosophical views and the corresponding attitude to life and life position may have a significant impact upon his/her chances for success. For instance, the existential […]

Economic Impact of British Rule in India

Britain colonized India under the name British East India Company. The colony was established from a very humble beginning because it was comprised of few structures that were used to handle agricultural produce purchased from the farmers. The British company did not alienate the lands, but imposed taxes on the farmers such that they were […]

Vodafone: developing a total communications strategy in the UK market

Introduction In the face of competition, this report presents Vodafone’s strategy aimed at having a competitive advantage over its current and future competitors by adopting several measures aimed at giving consumers greater value for their money. Michael Porter (2004) put forward two fundamental forms of competitive advantage: cost advantage and product differentiation advantage. In cost […]

Pilkington Company

Challenges and problems faced by Pilkington Company In the beginning of the 1980s the Pilkington Brothers, a glass manufacturing company was operating under loss. This was as result of numerous problems which the company was experiencing from both internal and external environment. The Pilkington glass was faced with competition challenge from other companies. This saw […]

Othello by William Shakespeare

(1) One of the reasons why William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello never ceases to remain popular with the public is that the themes of motifs, contained in it, appear truly universal. In other words, while being exposed to the staging of this particular tragedy, viewers do recognize the essence of a variety of psychological anxieties, on […]