Theoretical Approaches to Syntax Term Paper

Abstract This paper introduces the topic of the research paper which is the Syntax (Transformational Grammar (the Chomskyan approach to grammar) ) and Systemic Functional Grammar (the Hallidayian approach to grammar). The paper goes ahead and highlights the important theories of language, namely: Systemic Functional Grammar, the theory of transformational generative grammar, an introduction of […]

Style as Character Insight: The Use of Irony and Free Indirect Discourse in Jane Austen’s Major Works Term Paper

Introduction No work of art achieves permanence unless its creator imbues it with a unique individual style that solidifies its value across cultures and across time. Truly, art would not exist without style. According to Susan Sontag, the earliest experiences of humankind reflected art as “incantatory, magical. Art was an agent of ritual” (65). This […]

Gang violence in Brazil: Favelas Case Term Paper

This paper involves a description of the situation of gang violence in Brazil Rio de Janeiro Favelas. It also analyzes the growth of Favelas since 1980’s with a link to the debt crisis, economic transition and neo-liberalism reforms which have taken place in Brazil since then. The paper also brings forward the factors that have […]

ABC Company project proposal Term Paper

ABC Business practices and Technology According to the analysis of the technology used by the host business, ABC Company, the results have shown that the business information systems need reengineering to keep pace with its developments. Today, information security has remained the core focus for most if not all companies. The company deals with financial […]

Marketing plan – Arimount Company Term Paper

Executive Summary The communication objectives for this marketing plan are the creation of product awareness and positioning by efficiently and effectively offering information about the Amalast deodorant. The communication channels that will be used are electronic and print media. Electronic media will be the internet and television while print media will be the newspapers, magazines […]