Compare and contrast Wordsworth and Keats

According to Victor Hugo ‘Romanticism’ is ‘liberalism in literature.’ Romanticism is that idea which can be understood as an expression of life having imagination (Goodman, 2007, p.22). Background Individualism was brought by Romantic poets. These poets showed their respect not only in natural world but also in idealism, physical and emotional passion. Their interest in […]

Stylistics of Poetry and Prose: A case of Contrast

Introduction The poem and prose differ in assembly of words. Richard Bradford (1997, p.15) states that the poetic line differs from the prose in assembly of words. The use of grammar and syntax and forms another system of organisation of language. He further states that ‘awareness of the grammatical rules which govern the way that […]

The Organization: DigiTex Communication

DigiTex communication is a leading cable company in the communication industry. The core business of the firm includes provision of internet services and call services. It also manufactures and sales computer networking cables and equipment. The firm’s products are differentiated in the market by the fact that they are developed through the best technology. Thus […]

Boeing Strategic Plan

Introduction With the current era of hyper-competition in the global markets, contemporary organizations need to devise strategic plans for their competency. Being one of the most potential companies in the aerospace industry, Boeing Company has been observed to employ highly efficient and effective competitive strategies for its better performance in the future. Particularly, the company […]

Cultural pollution in the Middle East

Introduction Culture is the representation of the totality of all socially conveyed or learned mannerisms, views beliefs ad interactions that result from human work and activity. The cultures traditions and historical concepts of the Middle East are characterised as by a distinct sense of variety that stems from a whirlwind of customs and traditions that […]