Impact of Social Network in University Classes Thesis

Introduction The rapid development of technology has provided a new dimension in how people accomplish their daily activities. Social networks, a technology, which is prevalent in modern society, have simplified interaction between peoples of all ages in the society. A social network is designated as a social system which is composed of individuals or organizations […]

A Qualitative Research Survey on Why People Leave Online Studies Thesis

Methodology The rationale for this research design is to provide insight into the method used for refining a theoretical explanation that makes the theory more general and applicable across a wide spectrum based on Creswell’s (2002) definition. Creswell’s (2002) multipronged theoretical proposition provides a framework for inquiring into theoretical questions, issues, or problems associated with […]

The Electoral College Thesis

Introduction The Electoral College is a group of selected voters who have the power to elect a candidate into a specific office. In the United States, the Electoral College is responsible for electing the president and vice president into the office (Sabato, 207). The constitution of the United States specifies the number of electors each […]

Mental health and spirituality Thesis

Introduction Religious people are less susceptible to depression because spirituality gives them a sense of purpose, community and teaches them to have an attitude of acceptance. These qualities are quite useful in mental health. The association between religiosity and mental health will be analyzed through empirical evidence on the two, causes of depression and how […]

Identity, Belonging and Masculinity in “The Buddha of Suburbia” Thesis

Introduction The book Budha of Surbabia is a real life memoir of experiences that every human endures whenever they go to a new location and want to be expected by the aboriginal people of that particular society. The plot attests at how people undergo a sort of rite of passage in order to be accepted […]

American Red Cross Society Thesis

Introduction Hopkins (2009, p. 6) defines nonprofit organization as “an entity that is not permitted to engage in forms of private benefit (increment).” Nonprofit organizations are organizations that often offer service or charities. They are non-compulsory and involve some degree of voluntary participation. A mission statement is a clear and concise statement that summarizes who […]