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Phrases and Poems by American Authors Term Paper


Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s words show that the foundations for American democracy were laid more than 200 years ago. The equality of all people is one of the pillars, on which democracy is based. However, equality is one of the highest democratic values, for which the generations of Americans fought. The Civil War in the 19th century was the war against slavery and for the liberation of millions of people.

T. Washington

The phrase “Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are” belongs to Booker T. Washington. He proclaimed these words in his famous speech devoted to the problem of race discrimination in the United States. In his speech, Washington motivated the Afro Americans to cease the resistance and to labor. He thought that the continuous fight would not lead to a positive outcome. Instead, he inspired the Afro Americans to live peacefully and to make the efforts to achieve welfare by using the resources already available to them.

Emily Dickinson

The poem After Great Pain, a Formal Feeling Comes by Emily Dickinson is devoted to the feelings a person has after the emotional trauma. The poetess describes the stages, which the person goes through while being in a moral crisis. The poem is very emotionally intense as Dickinson describes the changes in the inner stance of the person, who overlives much trouble. She describes the heart as being a stone after feeling great pain.

Death is the central theme in the poem Because I Could Not Stop for Death by Emily Dickinson. The poetess uses personification as a literary technique to describe Death. A carrier, who drives her through the moments from her life, embodies the Death. The poetess describes the things as “passed” in the third stanza to describe life, its stages, which remain in the past.

T. Washington

The philosophies of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois differed substantially. They were the opponents on the issue of equality, race discrimination, and the ways to overcome it. The words of W.E.B. DuBois reflected his idea that the Afro Americans should strive to achieve a high education to be equal with the whites at the intellectual level.

These lines are from the poet Walt Whitman Beat! Beat! Drums!. The “interruptions” are used in each line of the poem to represent the call to war. The poet tries to say that war is the time when people leave their routine tasks to fight for the common cause. Moreover, he tries to emphasize that the war destroys the ordinary life of people. I think that Whitman reflects the chaos and social disorder caused by the war in his poem.

Frederick Douglas

Frederick Douglas in his speech What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? says about the American history of struggle against slavery. At the same time, he criticizes the public for being passive to make the proclaimed values of equality and freedom implemented in American society. He says about the importance of the Fourth of July to the Americans but emphasizes the need for a proactive social position to make the reforms work.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

These words belong to Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She proclaimed them in her address to the House Committee on Judiciary. Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an outstanding activist for the rights of women in American society. She was one of the founders of the feminist movement. Her activity contributed to gender equality in the United States.

Edward Bellamy

Looking Backward is the novel by Edward Bellamy, the American author, and philosopher of the XIX century. His novel is devoted to the American society of that period. Bellamy was a follower of the communist ideas and criticized the capitalist society. He compared it to the “coach” to emphasize the inequality and social discrimination. He said metaphorically that the upper seats were taken by the upper class and the lower seats by the poor.

William Dean Howells

These words are from the story Between the Dark and the Daylight by William Dean Howells. They are devoted to Editha, the main character of the novel. The story was written under the influence of Romanticism in American literature. Its ideas are reflected in the character of Editha. The author emphasizes the passionate human nature and the spirit of the fighter.

Walter Besant

Walter Besant was a British historian and novelist, who claimed that women should have equal rights with men. He said that the females were no more like the plants, which should be protected. He argued that the feminist movement achieved a substantial level of development and was able to defend the rights of women in society.

Paul Laurence Dunbar

The poem We Wear the Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar is devoted to the theme of slavery. The poet says that the Afro Americans were still affected by the consequences of slavery even after the end of the civil war. He used the metaphor of “mask” to describe the emotional stance of the Afro Americans. I think he tried to say that the formal prohibition of slavery and the liberation of the blacks did not mitigate its effects and the moral trauma, which the blacks suffered.


Imperialism is the policy that contradicts democratic values. It facilitates the inequality and discrimination of certain social groups. The colonial policy of the European states was supported by imperialistic views. It can be said that imperialism is aimed at the building of powerful empires, controlling the world. It contradicts the term of the multipolar world when many countries have the right to coordinate the geopolitical processes in the world.


Realism was the movement in the literature and art, which was based on the idea of the realistic depiction of the surrounding world. The representatives of Realism tried to reflect the nature of the objects as it was without any exaggerations and symbolism. They believed that the surrounding reality exists out of the boundaries of the human mind and, thus, they thought that the literary description of the objects distorted their real nature.

Sherlock Holmes

These words belong to Sherlock Holmes, the famous character of the detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. I think that the significance of these words boils down to the fact that they prove the necessity of having the evidence to prove your arguments. Very often, people make serious mistakes by claiming something without being confident in the rightness of their judgments.

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