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Political Brand Strategy Analysis Report (Assessment)

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A brand is a name given to a product, service, institution or organization taken in the business context. Any organization willing to venture into the business environment should do so with an already defined identity. A brand is the only way that organizations may be able to differentiate their products and services from their competitors.

In a highly competitive environment differentiation can provide a competitive advantage to an organization, this can be achieved through branding different products different names that by far superior outperform rivals in the industry. (Daye, 2009)

Main area

A product brand can exert a considerable impact on its demand and general performance. This means that managers must be very cautious before deciding on what name should be given to a product. Consumers who like linking the brand with certain information are likely to portray the benefits derived from using the products. For instance, when you take a bottle of Tusker a hard drink manufactured by East Africa Breweries Limited, there is ahead of Elephant portraying the information that whoever takes Tusker will be as strong as Elephant. (Brand strategy, 2009)

Since consumers have different perceptions, others will be attracted to this product simply by this little information on the brand. If this is the case then the brand can be said to influence the demand of Tusker. This is why it is significantly important to choose the brand that will provide a positive impact not only on the organization but also on the product in the market. The story is not different in politics. Recently we have seen parties with outstanding brand names winning hotly contested elections of the world. These included the party that led to the victory of the current president of the United States of America Barrack Obama. Party brand has left a lot to be desired on the public. These added together with party manifestos, ideologies and a good political framework can turn dreams into reality. In this particular discussion, we take a political party, give it a name, slogan, and strategy to ensure that we win an election. This is the responsibility of a brand strategist. (Daye, 2009)

In this situation, my party is NGDP which stands for National and Global Democratic Party. The party’s slogan is that unity with a purpose. While the logo is a torch. There are three important things here that need to be understood. One is the party’s name NGDP. This name symbolizes a party that is oriented in its national development and at the same time stands for global integrations. The current global economic crisis has sparked a lot of economics everywhere; it, therefore, means that no single country can make it alone without the support of others whether emotional or physical. (Brand strategy, 2009)

Again the major problem that is facing the world today is security. Experts have argued that the insecurity that we now experience is not new and was already anticipated. This rises as a result of differences in cultural and religious identity or civilizations clash. Any political party that comes into force must be adequately prepared to handle all these security challenges. (Marketing M.O, 2006)

We can only manage these security issues when our party manifestos and ideologies stand for them. Going global will provide the party with good opportunities to understand other countries’ ideologies and form integration that will redefine the scope of our multilateral relationships. This is likely to position the government to tackle international problems without any failure. Just like a consumable product the marketer should be able to determine whether the consumer is driving the benefits associated with using the value that the product purports to have. Information portrayed by this name is democracy. People in the world are tired of tyrants and dictatorships and therefore need parties that preach democracy. (Lake, 2009) Remember that democracy will determine the frequent flow and availability of information to the public and permit freedom of expression to any member of the public. The responsibility of the party leaders will be to Marshall Support for the party by selling their manifestos. (Brand strategy, 2009)

Another factor to consider is the party slogan. A slogan is a statement that describes the values governing the party. Here we have proposed Unity with a purpose

Going by this slogan one clearly understands that this party stands to preach unity. Most political parties in the world are formed along tribal and ethnic lines. These parties have always led to civil conflicts after elections where many individuals lose their lives. (Marketing M.O, 2006)

This was observed in Kenya during the year 2007 when war broke out between the major contenders PNU and ODM over who won the elections.

In the United States of America, the presidential party nominee was identical with the slogan, Yes We Can and eventually they won. This suggests that party slogans are important in the brand. Consumers who are party supporters will ask what the party slogan means. If people misconstrue the meaning of something other than the agenda then the party may find itself in an awkward position. (Daye, 2009)

Objective slogans may lead to success because people always want to be associated with the winning party, if they perceive that the party does not represent their wishes then they abandon it in readiness for another. To avoid such situations party officials should ensure that they match the needs of the environment with their party slogans to persuade more people to join them. (Branding, 2009)

We have proposed a torch to be a party’s logo. The purpose of a torch is to help in explaining the long-term ambitions of the party. The strategic plans for the party compared with a torch. In most cases, a torch is used at night when it’s dark and there is little or no visibility at all, so one uses a torch as a source of light. Compared with this party, there could be existing parties but with oblique future and irresponsive to the public. My party logo with therefore goes a long way in informing the public how aggressive and ambitious the party is. This will help the party officials to capture and win more people in the environment. (Lake, 2009)


A brand is very important in a product life cycle. Poorly branded products will fetch dismally as compared to other products whose performances are extraordinary in the market. A good product brand can provide a competitive advantage and help an organization position itself in a competitive industry. Likewise to a political party that has a good brand, will sell itself well to the people so that instead of looking for the support it’s people who see the need to join the party.

Selling a political party is like selling a product taking into considerations that competitors are ever vigilant about their rival’s new strategy. Any product that has a poor brand might not be able to provide the required return. The managers should take extra care when branding products. For instance, if a transport company names one of its fleets as a chameleon. In transport speed and reliability are core factors and the name might be interpreted to mean a slow-moving fleet. This can cause the company heavily.

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