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Preconditions for Effective Leadership Essay

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Updated: Jan 19th, 2022

Despite the lack of cohesion in leadership theories, the phenomenon of leadership is always associated with individuals whose deeds, viewpoints, and personal qualities promote changes beneficial to an organization or society as a whole. The trait model and the skills approach are the two theoretical perspectives that provide valuable insight into the nature of leadership. This paper will discuss how these approaches explain leadership in the United States’ public sector.

In accordance with the trait approach, a person with specific traits is able to increase organizational effectiveness or ensure prosperous societal development (Northouse, 2013). Given the scope of Hillary Clinton’s personal traits, she is able to revitalize the United States society. For instance, Hillary Clinton’s sociability is apparent from her participation in political debates, public speaking, and social campaigns, as well as from interactions with individuals from all social strata. Clinton’s excellent education, strong verbal abilities, and skills in reasoning are evidence of her intelligence. Her books and memoirs, such as Hard Choices, What Happened, and many others, have become bestsellers. Career achievements and ceaseless election-oriented endeavors testify to Hillary Clinton’s self-confidence.

Hillary Clinton is also determined, persistent, and proactive. Despite the defeat at the election in 2016, she has not responded. Instead, several months later, she initiated the foundation of Onward Together. The organization is aimed at encouraging ordinary people to participate in politics and provides support to like-minded groups via leadership guidance, fundraising, and membership building (Onward Together, 2017).

The skills approach can be illuminated in the context of Eve Ensler’s leadership in the feminism-grounded antiviolence movement. In line with the skills model, general cognitive ability, crystallized cognitive ability, motivation, problem-solving skills, knowledge, and other skills and competencies are specific to Eve Ensler. For instance, Ensler’s individual attribute of crystallized cognitive ability is expressed in her consistent acquisition of new knowledge. In order to motivate women and girls to resist violence, she often visits developing countries, such as Afghanistan, Congo, Kenya, and others. Ensler’s knowledge and cognitive abilities allow adjusting her communication style to the cultural peculiarities of other nations. She is able “to communicate to others in oral and written forms” (Northouse, 2013, p. 52). Eve Ensler has created multiple theatrical works and plays focused on the issue of violence against women and girls, including Insecure at Last (2006), In the Body of the World (2013), and so forth.

In the public sector, irrespective of their gender or an approach applied, leaders exemplify self-devotion, determination, goodness, intelligence, and dedication to their followers and nation. Democrat Raymond Eugene Green (Gene Green) is one of the nine congressional representatives elected by voters of the 29th District of Texas (Houston) to the United States Congress (United States Congressman Gene Green, 2018). The fact that he has been re-elected to Congress many times since 1992 testifies to his leadership effectiveness in solving the public sector issues. His intelligence, determination, and integrity have gained the confidence of every Houston voter. Corresponding to the trait model of leadership, his personal characteristics are relevant to situations in which he functions as a public sector leader.

For instance, Gene Green’s determination is reflected in his consistent endeavors aimed at devising solutions to such issues of American society as defense and national security, inappropriate health care and health insurance, environmental pollution, recovery of the domestic economy, insufficient funding of public schools, immigrants’ rights, social security of the elderly, and so forth. Demonstrating honesty and trustworthiness, Gene Green adheres to ethical principles and takes responsibility for his actions (Northouse, 2013, p. 25).

Green’s legislative initiatives and public-focused programs are illuminated on his official Internet site and disseminated via social media platforms. He responds to every government step that constrains the Americans’ rights and opportunities, such as Medicaid Work Requirement Guidance, the Republican Tax Bill, Net Neutrality Ruling, and others (United States Congressman Gene Green, 2018). For many years, he has incessantly fought against poverty and unemployment, striving to create new job opportunities for the Americans both locally, in Texas, and nationwide. Green’s recent decision to vacate the office poses special requirements for his successor leadership skills.

Summing up, regardless of an approach to leadership exploration, a leader should possess both innate traits and acquired skills. What is more, in order to meet current needs and arising issues, a leader should be persistent in their development and acquisition of new skills. These are preconditions for effective leadership that are not constrained by gender or origin.


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