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Press Release of Yatch Fetch Services, Inc. Essay (Article)

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Updated: Jul 11th, 2019

Yatch Fetch Services, Inc. (YFS) Ready to Launch New Service for Its College Client

Current inflation don’t impede FYS’s expansion plans and strategy

New York, September 23, 2011- following 6-months of intensive and extensive research by the firm’s manager, Morgan F. Ben, who worked in collaboration with six other departmental managers including firm’s financial and accounting manager, Dan M. Geoffrey, facility and resources manager, Bin A. Jerald among others – Yatch Fetch Services has revealed its newly intent of expansion and improvement plans of its transport and travel services for staff members and the entire college students’ body at ABC campus.

As transport and travel service within the campus and its surrounding areas having now been a major issue of concern for the college community, YFS Inc., a transport and travel service provider announces its recent expansion and its subsequent launch of the unique 24/7 service network in the region.

Although the directing manager, Morgan Ben, believes that his decision step taken is a hard and difficult one, he is convinced that this is best way forward for the company’s growth. According to him, the habit of continual investment is the only principle that drives and changes the various organizations he has ever headed.

He said ‘there is no day that this nation has ever announced or recorded as having a stable economy; and he doesn’t even remember if there is any time the nation’s economy has been said to be stable. Furthermore, in case any of these has ever happened, very little has been done by the state’s leaders to improve, or change the entrepreneurial investors’ situation in the transport industry’.

YFS Inc. has planned to invest 1.2 billion in the transport industry to bring a change in the provision of transport service and in the country’s economic growth without the fear of the current business situation or circumstances. He adds ‘we have an estimate of 200 modern fleet cars for 3 to 6 passengers’ travel, a purchase estimate of 50 buses for ferrying even larger number of passengers, and finally around 40 pick-up lorries for fleeting bulk cargo that may be needed to be ferried to or from the college institution.

Morgan is speaking from his acquired solid knowledge and work experiences. For many years, he has managed, directed and overseen the operations of various transport firms. He asserts that he knows very well the operation and management hindrances borne by the transport service firms.

In addition, Melda Willy, the operations’ manager says the firm is very innovative and would strive to provide the best of their services to all of its affiliated clients. The firm will intensify and extensively offer its services to people from all sides of the globe. It will network from the earth’s cardinals: South, North, West and even East sides to ensure the entire region is well served for enabling economic growth and development.

Geoffrey says, Yatch Fetch service is interested in transforming the economic class and the living lifestyle of people worthy and ready for change- included are academicians, start-up college students, renown researchers, administrators, traders, far and near real estate developers found within the area of their operations, farmers as well as promotion of experienced and non-experienced individuals interested in working within the transport and travel industry, such as drivers, assistant drivers , engineers and mechanics service providers.

Geoffrey emphasized on this point by saying, ‘this is the greatest opportunity ever, which has opened for this firm, with such a great potential of eliminating/ eradicating the current situation of high unemployment in the area.

The new line of service provision is an extended transport and travel line for a universal overhaul of the transport and travel means for individuals and groups of individuals of the campus community and its neighborhoods enclosed within 10 miles radially. The service is provided at clients’ convenient time and period. It is a system operated at cost- time and reliability considerations for a change in the task final results through addition of value which in turn would cause economic positive transition.

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