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Professional Technical Teacher Interview Report (Assessment)

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Updated: May 7th, 2020

Education is regarded as the most powerful tool in developing and improving people’s living standards. On the other hand, education on its own cannot achieve the goals for which it is intended. This is why there are several standards that are formulated to help develop talented and well-trained professional-technical education (PTE) teachers. The standards for PTE teachers are properly outlined to make their assessment easy. This report describes the outcomes of a standards’ interview conducted on a female PTE teacher.

The female PTE teacher, who was the respondent in this interview, works in a post-secondary institution. For that reason, the students in the institution are mature enough to understand what they are taught. The teacher normally handles nursing lessons and she seems to be very good at it. Her vast knowledge and experience are shown in the years she has been involved in teaching the course.

The teacher has been tutoring students who specialize in nursing since the year 2001, which makes her have a total of 11 years of experience in teaching the subject. Education scholars argue that training alone does not make someone effective in his/her job. It is the experience and knowledge that people acquire from their jobs that make them more efficient.

During the interview, the teacher demonstrated the relevant skills and knowledge that are needed in nursing. She showed that she is conversant with the necessary nursing skills, principles, processes, and safety measures, as well as proficient in information gathering. These are the most important elements in nursing; these effective tools are usually used to instill knowledge in students. Secondly, the teacher demonstrated knowledge of how the different parts of the human body develop to suit learning. This, she said, assists her in developing learning procedures and instructions that fit each one of her students. Lastly, the teacher admitted that communication is equally an important tool in education; for that reason, she ensures that there is good communication between her and her students.

The standards that are featured in this interview have great impacts on the students in the secondary environment. Firstly, the standards help in ascertaining if teachers in a particular field have adequate knowledge of what should be taught in that area. Such knowledge is useful as it assists teachers to develop learning strategies that cater to every student. Secondly, the knowledge of how the human body develops to suit the learning processes assists teachers to understand their students and handle them according to their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, the teacher’s ability to understand the basics of communication is vital as it helps him/her effectively connect with the students.

The current standards that are set for assessing the knowledge and skills of the PTE teachers are adequate. However, the standards can become more effective if a few adjustments were to be made to them. For instance, principle 7, which outlines the instructional skills, is not necessary as its provisions are featured in principle 4 that addresses multiple instructional strategies. The 7th principle can be regarded as a repetitive code within the PTE teachers’ standards. It should instead be replaced with a clause that assists in assessing experience, abilities, and strengths of the teachers. This will assist in evaluating the suitability of the PTE teachers with regard to their output in the schools they teach.

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