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Psychological Measurements and Requirements Research Paper

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Psychological measurements can be described as the development of processes to measure individuals’ characteristics such as their personality or intelligence (Clark, 1999). The development of psychological measurements involves a number of processes. This paper highlights the processes involved in developing a psychological measurement. It also illustrates the processes in a psychological test for measurement of students’ aggression.

The paper further goes ahead to discuss psychological practice requirement in New York State, considering who is eligible to interpret and administer psychological tests. The paper finally ends with the relevance of New York State laws and requirement regarding psychological practice.

Psychological Test Development Processes

Psychological testing deals with the measurement and quantification of some characteristics so as to obtain a mark that will predict a person’s future behavior (Schieltz, 2005). Psychological test development processes can be summarized in three major steps: research and definition of purpose, planning the test, and measuring the reliability of the test (Schieltz, 2005).

Research and Definition of Purpose

Researching and defining the purpose of the test is the first step in developing a psychological test. Here, one attempts to define the purpose of testing, users of the test, as well as takers of the test. This stage also considers previous researches on the test to be taken. Also, constructs of the test are defined.

Planning the Test

The test planning stage typically involves planning how the test will be administered and scored. This stage considers the sections and type of questions the intended test will feature.

Test Reliability Measurement

Here, the psychological test is administered to the sample of population under study. Also, measurements of reliability and measurement of test-retest reliability are obtained. These are obtained by the utilization of basic reliability measures and certain formulas.

Psychological Test for Students’ Aggression

The test for students’ aggression is an example which illustrates the developmental process of a psychological test.

Research and definition of purpose: The purpose of the test is to measure aggressive tendencies of students. The test user is the school counselor. The test will be administered to students of the school, ranging between the ages of 10 and 19. Relevant researches on students’ aggressiveness will also be explored.

Planning the test: The school counselor administers the test. It will take students 60 minutes to complete the test. The test will consist of five items and three scales: physical aggression, verbal aggression, and hostility. Items will be answered on a five-point scale, ranging from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much).

This test would be piloted by issuing the scale to about 20 students. It is crucial to conduct a pilot test, so as to improve the intended methodology and ensure that the actual test is appropriate and effective before commencement.

Psychological Practice in New York State (NYS)

In order to practice as a Psychologist in NYS, one requires licensure to practice, unless otherwise exempted by law (New York State Psychological Board, 2011). While to qualify for licensure, the person must possess good moral character, must not be less than 21 years of age, and must attain a certain educational level, as well as examination and experience (New York State Education Department [NYSED], 2010).

Among other education requirements, the person must have obtained a doctoral degree in Psychology (NYSED, 2010). Hence, a Master’s degree holder in Psychology is not eligible to practice as a Psychologist in NYS; however, he/she may qualify for a Psychological Associate in about half of the States in the United States (ASPPB, 2010). Psychological Associate is a class of licensure for the practice of psychology. A Psychological Associate is supervised by a licensed psychologist of doctoral level.

These laws and requirement regarding qualification of psychological practice is necessary so as to ensure that competent hands administer and interprets psychological tests, as well as ensure improved treatment and diagnosis of psychologically related illnesses.


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