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Rugia Bridge Project: Conduct Procurement Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2021

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Max Bögl, a steel engineering and construction company, is in need of corrosion protection and hazard analysis for the Rugia Bridge project and is accepting proposals in response to this RFP.


Location: Strelasund Crossing, the connection between Stralsund and Rügen Islands.

Description: The Rugia Bridge is going to be a cable-stayed bridge that can support three lanes of motor vehicles. The total length of the bridge can amount to 4100 meters. This proposal concerns planning and safety regulation along with corrosion protection of the bridge. The goals of the company are:

  1. Preliminary analysis and feasibility check of the location;
  2. Establishment of the corrosion procedure;
  3. Project calculation and planning;
  4. Corrosion protection;
  5. Finishing coating and quality control.

Dates: Planned start – 2018; planned finish – 2021. The services of the company will be required during the entire length of the project. The selection of top bidders is to start in 30 days after the RFP issuance date.

Pricing: Max Bögl’s budget for this project is $125.000. The planned budget can be negotiated with the top bidders.

Responsibility for materials: The contractor is expected to provide all materials for the procedures. Coating, smoothing, and filling equipment is also provided by the contractor.


  1. Only qualified firms with extensive experience on similar projects should submit their proposals.
  2. Bidders shall describe a number of projects that they have worked on in the past. These examples should be related to the defined RFP.
  3. Proposals must be received within the period of 30 days after the issuance of the RFP.
  4. Bidders shall include a technical and a price proposal along with their response. Schedule and possible milestones, hourly rates, and an estimated budget are also expected from the company.

Vendors’ List (Fictitious)

  • Anakletos
  • Corrosion Solutions
  • Mulligan Construction

Letter to Vendors

Max Bögl is sending the proposal to the specific vendors based on the quality of their work and requirements described in the attached RFP. All firms that received this request have sufficient experience working on similar projects. Your finished work adheres to the standards that are expected for this project.

Statement of Work (SOW)

Title: Rugia Bridge

Client: Max Bögl

Begin date: 07/01/2018

End date: 07/01/2021

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the winning bidder includes all preliminary project planning, ongoing project management, corrosion protection, and finishing activities.


  • Planning: Requirement analysis, project calculation, quality check-ups, project management
  • Corrosion Protection: Surface preparation, landfilling, bridge coating/spraying, sanding, undercoat, varnishing.
  • Finishing activities: Quality analysis, corrosion protection evaluation and testing.


The contractor will create and present a project plan that includes all safety considerations and suggestions for safer construction operations. The proposal shall consist of the schedule, milestones, training plan, and testing. The vendor will present this plan for approval and discussion. The design of the project will be discussed with the vendor to ensure the adherence to the safety guidelines (Schaufelberger & Holm, 2017). The vendor will supervise the working process at all stages. The vendor will complete all tasks mentioned above. The coating techniques are to be included in the plan for approval as well. The vendor will conduct appropriate testing at all stages of the project. Monthly meetings shall cover the current status of the project. The final test should be performed before the project’s completion. The report with the attached results of the test should be submitted for review and approval by the established deadline.

Source Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria Anakletos Corrosion Solutions Mulligan Construction
Adherence to timeline
Staying within budget
Quality of previous examples (references and testimonials)
Range of services
Adherence to requirements
Overall rating

Ranking: 5 – excellent, 4 – very good, 3 – good, 2 – sufficient, 1 – insufficient.


Schaufelberger, J. E., & Holm, L. (2017). Management of construction projects: A constructor’s perspective (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.

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