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Saipo The Project Identity Critical Essay

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The mission of Saipo Company is to provide people in developing regions with the products of the soap recycling process because of the observed lack of inexpensive hygiene products in many countries globally. Thus, the practical goal of the company’s work is to cooperate with soap producers round the world to recycle the leftover or expired soap materials to distribute the products in developing countries.

Brand Value

Saipo Company focuses on providing the unique products and services which are interesting not only for the potential customers as the product’s target audience but also for the company’s partners and shareholders because of expanding the possibilities for combining the elements of profitable and charitable activities.

Combining the efforts of giant producers of soap and contributing to the increase of shareholders’ gains, Saipo is the potentially most recognizable producer of soap in developing countries because of the products’ availability and social mission.

The customers’ perception of the brand depends on the actual provision of inexpensive soap products in developing regions to determine the market and target audience of Saipo products. Saipo explores the new market segment with the help of effective strategies.

The brand recognition as well as brand value can be discussed as depending significantly on orienting to innovation and creativity along with following the people-oriented culture and strategy. The demand for hygiene products globally affects the unique mission of Saipo Company which is the contribution to improvement of living conditions in developing regions while affecting availability of soap products.

The Impact of Readings

To work out the effective name for a new company, it is necessary to focus on the creative approach. The role of creativity in the project identity and product development is emphasized in the research by Brattstrom, Lofsten, and Richtner.

Thus, the research’s results influenced the process of developing the name and the further focus on the effective mission statement because the authors presented the detailed description of the product development process (Brattstrom, Lofsten, and Richtner 744).

Nevertheless, the development of a mission statement requires the concentration on the specific goals, functions, activities, and strategies followed and performed by the company.

Paying attention to the research conducted by Cheung, Wong, and Lam, it is important to note that goal clarity and the focus on innovation along with creativity are the important factors to influence the brand’s success (Cheung, Wong, and Lam 690). That is why, these aspects should be taken into consideration while developing the effective mission statement.

To develop the points associated with brand value, it is necessary to refer to the elements of the company’s organizational structure, culture, and performance in order to distinguish the aspects which contribute to the company’s uniqueness.

The article by Cheung, Wong, and Lam and the research by Rauniar and Rawski are important to answer the questions about the Saipo Company’s mission, goal, and particular features of the enterprise’s performance with orienting to the profitable and charitable activities (Cheung, Wong, and Lam 690-691; Rauniar and Rawski 939).

The readings on the aspects of the project development and specific organizational structures of companies to succeed within the market and industry are useful to decide what details should be accentuated in the mission and brand value statements to attract the target audience and potential investors.

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